December 2022 TOP 5 Engagement

Jan 13, 2023

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December 2022 TOP 5 Engagement

Let’s start 2023 with a reflection on all that happened in December 2022. 
Last month we at Panasonic ended the year with an effort to build an even stronger, more inspiring, and more sustainable 2023. 
We talked about our Top 5 company efforts, both in business and in diversity, and hosted a two-week internship for the former Malaysian swimmer Tania Lee as part of the IOC Young Leaders programme.
Panasonic India Life Solutions initiated two campaigns to improve sustainability as part of Panasonic GREEN IMPACT.
What’s more, we rethought our intangible asset strategy with an emphasis on collaboration, to match our knowledge to global needs such as social issues and decarbonization.
Finally, we had PanasonicCES 2023, with tech talks on environmental issues such as CO2 emissions.
See below to learn more about all that happened last month!

No. 1

Editor’s Top 5 Feature Stories in 2022: Company

– Posted on December 22, 2022

Editor’s Top 5 Feature Stories in 2022: Company

2022 was a busy year for the Panasonic—find out what we’ve been up to with this feature article introducing our Top5 company efforts this year! 

👉On April 1st this year, Panasonic implemented a new company structure and became “Panasonic Holdings Corporation.” The new organization comprises seven operating companies, all of which share the vision of achieving excellence outlined in our basic business philosophy.
👉In July, Panasonic Group announced its financial results for the first quarter of FY2023, which showed a healthy 10% increase in sales across the group, driven partly by a strong level of automotive battery sales.
👉Panasonic unveiled the new brand slogan “Live Your Best” and upcycled some 10,000 flowers used at the brands’ TV commercial filming to create recycled products with ECOALF.
👉At our Global DEI meeting, we reaffirmed our commitment to enriching people’s lives and wellbeing and to promoting diversity and inclusion across our internal organization. 

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No. 2

IOC Young Leaders Tania Lee

– Posted on December 15, 2022

Photo: IOC Young Leaders Tania Lee

Panasonic proudly hosted former Malaysian state swimmer Tania Lee on a two-week internship as part of its role as a founding partner of the IOC Young Leaders.
During her internship in Japan, Tania met with high school participants in the Kid Witness News program, a CSR initiative sponsored by Panasonic aimed at helping schoolchildren in 35 countries and regions develop their creativity and communication skills.

Following her selection to the programme, she launched the non-profit Inclusive Leadership Programme (iLEAP), an initiative aimed at helping young athletes become leaders regardless of their background, gender or abilities.
Tania and her co-participants in the IOC Young Leaders Programme really embody Panasonic’s ongoing mission to “create people before products” and it was an honor to host her on this internship.

Read more about Tania’s story, please click the following.


No. 3

Panasonic Empowers Indian Consumers to Turn Sustainability Consciousness into Action

– Posted on December 14, 2022

Turning Indian Consumers' Sustainability Consciousness into Action

Consumers are taking steps toward sustainability, and Panasonic, under Panasonic GREEN IMPACT, is committed to contributing to society-wide reductions in CO2 emissions by switching customers to energy saving products and providing them with energy-saving solutions and green energy technologies. Reflecting this long-term sustainable vision, Panasonic India Life Solutions initiated two campaigns during this year’s Diwali celebration to help local consumers make sustainable consumer choices on household items.
Panasonic India Life Solutions first launched the DiwaliWaliSafai campaign in 2019 to instill a sense of awareness and responsibility among consumers around the issue of rising ewaste and the need for its responsible collection, disposal, and recycling for a sustainable tomorrow. Every year since, the company marks International E-Waste Day by conducting this digital campaign, encouraging consumers to practice responsible disposal of their e-waste.

The company’s second campaign, WelcomeToAdulthood, is a series of buying guides that can help young consumers make smart and well-informed decisions while buying home appliances that contribute to more sustainable living.
Read on to learn more about Panasonic’s commitment to a smarter and greener tomorrow, please check the following.


No. 4

Intellectual Property

– Posted on December 22, 2022

Pathways to Decarbonization Graphic

Panasonic Group is rethinking its intangible asset strategy with an emphasis on collaboration, matching knowledge to needs to address global social issues and decarbonization. 
As social issues become increasingly more complex, companies must be willing to proactively take up the challenge of resolving them. Intangible assets are like blood—indispensable to healthy economic activity and healthy society and only effective when circulated where they are needed and in the required quantities.

Yoshiaki Tokuda, general manager of the Intellectual Property Department, explains the purpose behind Panasonic Group’s intangible asset strategy and why his team has been looking for ways to promote solutions to social issues by functioning as a “bridge for intangible assets.”

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No. 5


– Posted on December 26, 2022

Image: PanasonicCES 2023

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