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Nov 14, 2023

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A solution that combines pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, photovoltaic generators, and storage batteries

Panasonic Plans to Launch Demonstration Project to Realize RE100 Solution at UK Factory in 2024

Developing a solution optimized for local conditions by demonstrating an RE100 solution at a Panasonic microwave oven factory

Left: Lord Dominic Johnson of Lainston CBE, UK Minister for Investment
Right: Masahiro Shinada, CEO of Panasonic Corporation

Tokyo, Japan – Panasonic Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Masahiro Shinada; hereinafter referred to as "Panasonic") today announced that in order to accelerate the competitiveness of its businesses that contribute to carbon neutrality (decarbonization), it will launch1, a power supply and demand management demonstration project in 2024 at Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd. (Location: Cardiff, UK; hereinafter referred to as "PMUK"), a manufacturer and seller of microwave ovens and other products. The project will use pure hydrogen fuel cell generators and photovoltaic generators for in-house power generation, and will supply 100% of the electricity consumed in PMUK's microwave manufacturing from renewable sources.

Panasonic's RE100 solution uses 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, which can be connected to up to 250 units depending on power demand and location. This solution combines these generators with photovoltaic generators and storage batteries for highly integrated control of power generation and a storage battery system to manage power supply and demand in accordance with fluctuations in power demand and renewable energy output due to weather conditions. This helps reduce excess and wasted power generation and ensures a stable supply of renewable energy. This decentralized energy package, based on local power generation for local consumption, will increase resilience to natural disasters. In addition, the 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generators can be optimally controlled according to the power demand, extending the lifetime of the hydrogen power generation system and enabling uninterrupted maintenance during operation.

The demonstration project at PMUK involves the installation of 21 new 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generators (with a total output of 105 kW), photovoltaic generators (290 kW), and storage batteries (1 MWh) to verify how power supply and demand management works in response to changes in weather and electricity demand in Cardiff, UK, with the goal of turning the microwave oven factory into an RE100 factory. The use of pure hydrogen fuel cell generators will require less installation space and provide a stable power source. At the same time, the heat generated during hydrogen power generation can be used to heat air and water, further improving energy efficiency. By demonstrating the RE100 solution in PMUK, Panasonic will develop an optimal solution for local conditions and establish relationships with local partner companies and business customers involved in the hydrogen business.

Commenting on the demonstration of the RE100 solution in the UK, Lord Dominic Johnson of Lainston CBE, UK Minister for Investment, stated: "I am thrilled to welcome Panasonic’s significant investment into Wales, marking a momentous occasion for the United Kingdom and Panasonic. This is great news for our nation, and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Panasonic for their ongoing commitment to the UK. The clean energy transition is not only vital for our environment but is a key part of our economic strategy. We stand ready and eager to work closely with Panasonic, supporting them in expanding similar projects across the UK. Together, we will continue to innovate, grow, and contribute to a greener future for all."

Welsh Government Minister for the Economy, Vaughan Gething said: “For decades, Wales has invested in strong partnerships with Japanese businesses, and I want to extend my sincere thanks to Panasonic for cementing their ongoing commitment to the workforce in Cardiff and to the wider Welsh economy. I’m delighted Panasonic continue to invest in Wales and our shared ambitions for strong economic growth. Not only are they bringing innovative, groundbreaking technology to the Welsh capital but also supporting the Welsh Government’s journey to net zero by 2050. Meeting those targets requires active industrial policy and a commitment to partners, such as Panasonic. This is how we can deliver the technologies, infrastructure and projects that bring about a stronger, fairer, and greener Wales.”

Masahiro Shinada, CEO of Panasonic, stated: "With a mission to contribute to the wellbeing of people, society and the planet, Panasonic takes a medium- to long-term view of its business, aiming to create a society that achieves both wellbeing and sustainability. By demonstrating the RE100 solution at our factory in the UK, we hope to create a new business that contributes to UK society and the fight against climate change. In addition, we aim to develop our business in the long term to achieve a hydrogen society and carbon neutrality."

1: Subject to planning approval.

■Demonstration of RE100 solution at PMUK

Demonstration site

Microwave oven manufacturing factory

• Peak power: Approx. 280 kW

• Annual power consumption: Approx. 1 GWh

• Factory building area: 22,000 m2

Project launch


Demonstration facility

• Pure hydrogen fuel cell generators: 105 kW (21 units)

• Photovoltaic generators: 290 kW

• Storage batteries: 1 MWh

Verification details

• Integrated control of power generators and a storage battery system optimized for UK weather and power demand conditions, as well as factory power demand fluctuations

• Improvement of energy efficiency by using the heat generated by pure hydrogen fuel cell generators (for heating air and water)

<Panasonic Group's environmental efforts>

The Panasonic Group has adopted the long-term environmental vision, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT (PGI), to achieve both the wellbeing of people and society as well as a sustainable global environment. It is engaged in various activities toward reducing CO2 emissions from its own operations to virtually net-zero by 2030 and to contribute to a total of 300 million tons2, or more in avoided emissions by 2050, about 1% of the current total global emissions of 33 billion tons3.

2: Based on 2020 CO2 emission factors.

3: CO2 emissions from energy reached 33.6 billion tons in 2019, according to the IEA.

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