Sep 19, 2018

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Panasonic Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Its Rice Cooker Business in India

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation announced today that its rice cooker business in India has marked the 30th anniversary this month.

From early on, Panasonic set its sights on Asia, where rice is a staple food in many countries, and implemented its basic overseas expansion policy of "contributing to the industrial development and the betterment of people in respective countries" through the production and sale of rice cookers, a product of Japanese ingenuity. In India, the company decided on the local production of rice cookers ahead of competitors and established Indo Matsushita Appliances Co., Ltd., now called Panasonic Appliances India Co., Ltd. (PAPIN), in September 1988.

Since it was not customary to cook rice using a rice cooker in India at that time, the company had to start by creating a new market for this appliance. Panasonic closely followed the Indian diet to develop products that meet local needs and help Indian home cooks solve problems in the kitchen. The company, for example, came up with an attachment that allows for cooking chicken curry and rice at the same time. Nowadays, rice cookers are widely regarded as a convenient automatic cooking apparatus and have become one of the key kitchen appliances in Indian homes.

Panasonic Appliances India saw the production of rice cookers increase in proportion to the growth in demand. Currently, the company serves as a global hub factory that produces rice cookers not only for the domestic market but also for markets in 44 countries around the world. Its annual production has expanded to 700,000 units for the Indian market and 300,000 units for export, with the cumulative production reaching 10 million units in June 2018. Meanwhile, the company continued improving its manufacturing capabilities to achieve high product quality. In August 2018, the company started shipments of India-made mini rice cookers for the Japanese market.

Commenting on the occasion, Hidenori Aso, Managing Director of Panasonic Appliances India, said: "Unlike current conditions, India 30 years ago was not quite developed enough in terms of the living environment and business environment. However, thanks to the support of affiliated companies, employees and many other people concerned, we were able to cement our position as a global production site for rice cookers and are now celebrating the 30th anniversary of our establishment in India. I'm pleased that we have reached a significant milestone in our business in this South Asian country with the export of 'Made in India' rice cookers to Japan, their birthplace, as they meet strict Japanese quality standards. I'm happy if this serves as sort of repayment to all those who helped establish our company as it is today."

Panasonic will continue to attend to the needs of Indian consumers through household appliances, including rice cookers, on the path to make its vision of "A Better Life" reality.

[Profile of Panasonic Appliances India Co., Ltd.]

Panasonic Appliances India Co., Ltd.

Company namePanasonic Appliances India Co., Ltd.
Managing DirectorHidenori Aso
EstablishedSeptember 9, 1988
LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu, Republic of India
Business lineupProduction and sale of rice cookers and kitchen appliances

[Major developments in the rice cooker business in India]

  • September 1988: Established Indo Matsushita Appliances Co., Ltd.
  • September 1990: Started the mass production of rice cookers for the Indian domestic market
  • June 1992: Released the first rice cooker with an attachment, which was invented by closely following the Indian diet
  • April 1992: Started the export of rice cookers
  • January 2012: Changed the company name to Panasonic Appliances India Co., Ltd.
  • June 2018: Reached the cumulative production of 10 million rice cookers
  • August 2018: Started shipments of mini rice cookers for the Japanese market
  • September 2018: Celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment

Production of rice cookers at PAPIN

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