Sep 27, 2016

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Panasonic to Showcase New Lifestyles and Businesses in IoT Era at CEATEC JAPAN 2016

Osaka, Japan -- Panasonic Corporation, a company striving to create new value for its customers under the brand slogan of "A Better Life, A Better World" will present the company's latest technologies and solutions at "CEATEC JAPAN 2016," a CPS/IoT exhibition to be held from October 4 to 7, 2016 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Under the theme of "Transformation IoT brings to Lifestyles and Business," the Panasonic booth will consists of two main zones: "Business solutions and Lifestyle at home Area" where visitors can have a glimpse of how technology changes life in commercial and residential spaces; and "Technology and Devices Area" which will introduce the company's latest Internet of Things (IoT)-related technologies, solutions and devices, including those under development with the aim of achieving co-creation with visitors.

Main Exhibits

Future Retail Experience: Transformation IoT brings to retail spaces and shopping

Visitors here can have a future shopping experience IoT will bring about. With various connected devices such as cameras and digital signage, shops will display their recommendations suiting the taste of each customer on the show windows. For shop operators, IoT will enable optimized management for each store with the support of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • •Multiple video streaming system
    This system enables simultaneous viewing of multiple videos on the same screen, such as those shot with cameras and store PR videos. The system also enables independent image manipulation such as zooming at multiple distribution destinations.
  • •LinkRay (Light ID) solutions
    LinkRay is a next-generation communication tool allowing customers to get information quickly and easily by simply holding up their smartphones to an LED light source such as room lighting and a display.
  • •Transparent screen
    This transparent glass changes into a high-quality screen, and can be used as digital signage by displaying videos and information.
  • •Window AR projection
    By using transparent film enabling video projection when affixed to glass, this system makes it possible to create new spaces combining the video projected onto the glass and the scenery or objects behind the glass.
  • •Omni-channel marketing solutions
    This solution realizes marketing activities incorporating customer behavior in physical stores by using IoT devices in addition to purchase history.
  • •Store analysis AI solutions
    These solutions provide optimal operation support for each store by extracting features from big data pertaining to stores such as sales and customer behavior through analysis.

Better Living Tomorrow: Lifestyle in near future

A simple, interactive living space in total harmony with the surrounding space - here Panasonic will showcase its proposal to the details of living. Changing the spatial ambience to suit human behavior makes people feel comfortable no matter where they go and even give a surprisingly wondrous feeling.

  • •Transparent display
    This transparent display is incorporated into the shelf's door or sliding door, blending in with the interior. It displays video only when necessary.
  • •Lighting and audio control
    Lighting and audio, linked each other, change their tone interactively, tracking the movement of people. This effectively adjusts the space to suit various situations.
  • •Sake and wine cellar
    This cellar can store alcoholic beverages such as sake and wine at the optimal temperature and humidity for each type. In addition, it displays various types of information on the door employing a transparent display, such as information on stored items and recipe suggestions paired to each drink.
  • •Range hood with camera
    This unit properly controls temperature of the induction hob by precisely sensing the state of cooking. Furthermore it enables video recording of the cooking process for sharing with friends. This makes cooking even more fun.
  • •Flat cooker based on a new concept
    A cooker with a completely different concept from induction hobs or griddles is built into the table. The cooker only heats food, so it's enough to put food on a plate and then set it on the cooker. This suggests a new cooking experience, requiring no pot or frying pan, where delicious freshly-prepared flavor is maintained to the end.
  • •Cloud services (cooking assist system)
    By linking devices and sharing information, these services smartly assist all aspects of cooking, including display of recipe suggestions and cooking guidance, and settings so that multiple dishes are finished at the same time. The cloud services, great food adds to a memorable gathering with special ones.

Technology and Device Area

This area introduces the latest IoT-related technology and devices, including cutting-edge user interface (UI)/user experience (UX) and next-generation sensing. Through demos and dialog, Panasonic will aim for co-creation with visitors.

  • •Active optical connector
    A compact optical connector which easily realizes high-speed transmission within a device.
  • •Electromagnetic noise suppression and heat diffusion integrated sheets
    This sheet can effectively suppress electromagnetic noise, while providing one of the highest levels of thermal diffusion capability in the industry.
  • •Absolute angle sensor
    A compact, lightweight sensor enables high-precision angle detection without contact.
  • •Smart rechargeable battery for IoT/wearable devices
    This pin-type, flexible lithium ion battery is suitable for various types of IoT/wearable devices.
  • •Force sensing switch
    This compact switch realizes various types of operations with output changing according to pressing force.
  • •Touch panel module with rotary / push encoder
    This touch panel incorporates a control panel and knobs into one to provide improved input operation and design of terminals.
  • •Human body communication device
    This communication module employs electric-field communication technology to achieve "thing-to-thing, human-to-human and human-to-thing" communication, creating a world where natural gestures enable authentication and communication.
  • •Wireless and batteryless switch
    This switch enables simultaneous communication with multiple terminals by generating power and performing wireless communication with a single touch.
  • •Design flexible touch sensor (Cu-mesh touch sensor)
    Using its unique copper micro-wiring, Panasonic has realized a touch sensor whose pattern is invisible. This enables large size and suitability for curved surfaces that were difficult to achieve with conventional transparent electrodes (ITO).
  • •3D actuator (camera stabilizer)
    Simultaneous drive of three axes with a single motor allows the photographer to capture the subject in any circumstances without fail. This camera stabilizer enables shake correction, tracking and high image quality.
  • •IoT-ReH sensor
    This hydrogen detection sensor employing IoT technology detects hydrogen leakage in any location, contributing to a safe and secure hydrogen economy.
  • •Makeup sheet
    Using non-contact skin sensor and special printing technologies, this nano-level, ultra-thin sheet conceals spots, perfectly matching to each individual.
  • •Listnr
    Listnr differentiates four kinds of emotions from the voice of a baby via a microphone, and then delivers information to the smartphones of distant family members.
  • •Motion sensing unit
    This unit detects and controls a robot's position and orientation, and enables automatic running by combining a six-axis sensor (three-axis gyro sensor + three-axis acceleration sensor) and a microprocessor (with built-in algorithm).
  • •Camera sharing service PaN
    This service enables customers to share access to cameras installed at various locations, and acquire the captured photos and video via the cloud.
  • •Multihop "HD-PLC" - IoT infrastructure technology
    This technology for IoT enables high-speed communication through power line. Multihop technology dramatically improves connectivity, communication distance, and number of connected units compared to conventional products.

Olympic/Paralympic Area

Through video of the Rio 2016 Olympics held in August, this corner will present Panasonic's efforts in support of the Olympic and Paralympic Games as a TOP Sponsor over 25 years. Panasonic's "Beautiful Japan 2020" campaign in the run up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will also be introduced.

Panasonic Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2016

  • Dates: October 4 to 7, 2016 (10:00-17:00)
  • Venue: Makuhari Messe (International Exhibition Hall), 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba
  • Booth*: Hall 1, Society Area [1S24]
  • * The booth includes devices that were exhibited in a separate booth in previous years.

Panasonic Live@CEATEC

From the Panasonic booth, excitement of the show floor and information on the latest products and technologies will be shared using social media.

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