Jun 17, 2016

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Panasonic Commercializes Industry-first*1 "Common mode Noise Filter" corresponding to MIPI C-PHY

"Common mode Noise Filter" corresponding to MIPI C-PHY

Panasonic commercialized industry-first *1 "common noise filter" corresponding to the latest specification C-PHY(Ver1.0) of high speed data transmission MIPI, contributing to large capacity data transmission of mobile devices such as smart phones.

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has developed the industry-first* "Common mode Noise Filter[1]" corresponding to the high speed data transmission system MIPI(Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance) C-PHY[2] of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets. Samples are available from July, 2016.

For mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, larger capacity and higher speed of digital data are required in accordance with the high resolution trend of cameras and displays as well as multi-camera trend. In order to achieve high speed transmission, the MIPI C-PHY, which is the new specification of the high speed data transmission system MIPI, has been established and will be released to the market for camera use within 2016. In the mobile devices represented by smart phone, a large amount of digital data is being transmitted and received between the camera and the display. The common mode noise filter used to remove the generated noises is required correspond to the new specification.
Panasonic has commercialized the industry-first*1 "Common mode Noise Filter" corresponding to MIPI C-PHY using its unique plating fine coil process and ceramic multilayer process.

This new product has the following features:

  1. First in industry*1, corresponding to high speed, large capacity new trasmission specification MIPI C-PHY(ver.1.0)
    Corresponding to C-PHY(ver.1.0) data transmission rate 2.5 Gsps(=5.7Gbps/Trio*2),approximately 1.5times*3 the conventinoal system(MIPI D-PHY[3]).
  2. Unique plating fine coill process and ceramic multilayer process enable compact size Single type dimension : 0.9 X 0.68 X0.40mm typ.
    Compact size enables reduction of wiring area of high speed data trasmision lines Around 40 % Reduction of mouting area comparing whith conventional system(MIPI D-PHY) in terms of same amout of data trasmission.
  3. Reduction of 1GHz to 5GHz wide band zone common mode noise
    Wireless receiving performance up of equipped devices
  • *1 :As a high speed transmission noise fitler corresponding to MIPI C-PHY as of June 17, 2016 ( Panasonic data)
  • *2 :Three trasmission lines
  • *3 :With same singal lines

Suitable applications:

Noise removal for cameras and displays of mobile devices with wire-less functions such as smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices etc.

[Term Descriptions]

[1] Common mode noise filter
Common mode noise is generated from two lines of differential transmission caused by the wiring length difference designed on the printed circuit board, IC output unbalances and noises through stray capacitances. Common mode noise filter is used to remove this noise.
One of the data interface specifications MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance) for display and camera of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets etc.
The latest specification established after MIPI D-PHY, M-PHY which have been launched on to the market.
The most common type of high speed data transmission specification of digital data interface for current mobile devices.

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