Oct 25, 2019

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Panasonic Is Taking Part in "TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2019 X COUNTDOWN SHOWCASE FUTURE EXPO" Along with Many Other Companies

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation is taking part in the technology showcase, "TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2019 X COUNTDOWN SHOWCASE FUTURE EXPO" co-hosted by 5 companies(*1) including companies that belong to the All Japan Business Committee(*2) at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019's MEGA WEB venue.

The Tokyo Motor Show 2019 organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is being held for 12 days from October 24 to November 4 (opens October 25 for the general public), and approximately 60 companies and organizations including JAMA and the All Japan Business Committee is utilizing the entire MEGA WEB space to showcase their latest technologies in more than 90 experiential content giving visitors a taste of what Japan's future may look like.

The exhibit is divided into 6 zones - "immigration," "mobility experience," "urban," "sports," "rural tourism," "future energy." Visitors first enter the country and then experience Japan's next generation mobility, futuristic cities, sports spectatorship in the future, hydrogen energy that will support people's lives going forward and outer space.

Panasonic is showcasing the following 6 solutions at MEGA WEB.

SPACe_L (Urban Zone)

In addition to automotive technologies that contribute to comfort, safety, security, and the environment, Panasonic is combining its technologies developed for lighting, air conditioning, air quality, seating, and various sensors with the expertise and know-how gained through the Panasonic Group's housing business. The cabin adjusts for up to four different modes: Living Room mode, Business mode, Relaxation mode, and Entertainment mode.

Green Air-Conditioner Flex (Urban Zone)

To cope with the summer heat in Japan, this outdoor cooling device sprays super fine mist (silky fine mist) into the air. Thanks to Panasonic's super fine mist technology, the cooling device emits a comfortable mist that prevents people from getting wet, and as it evaporates, it takes heat out of the air, thereby bringing the ambient temperature down. It also brings down the body temperature by evaporating on the skin and mimicking perspiration.

HOSPI Signage (Rural tourism)

This robot shares information while on the move. Equipped with three 27-inch signage, the robot moves around the facility to advertise, promote, and announce information. With high performance sensors and sophisticated obstacle avoidance algorithm, the robot senses its surroundings and gets about without bumping into people or objects.

Powered Wear ATOUN MODEL Y (Sports Zone)

Sensors detect movement of the hips and powerful motors mitigates the load on the hips when carrying heavy objects. This robot helps people lift objects off the floor to waist-high.

The Shower (Sports Zone)

This shower sprays hot water in a wide area to efficiently warm the body. The universal design helps people who have difficulty showering by letting them take a shower either standing up or sitting down, for greater diversity. People who enjoy sports can also relax by wrapping their bodies with a super fine shower.

Panasonic devised an arm and nozzle to deliver a fine shower over a wide area. A conical fine shower is achieved by the straight flow and swirl flow generated in the nozzle. The spray angle can be applied over a wide range efficiently and repeatedly.

There is also a type that can be installed in a conventional bathroom. With this product, Panasonic proposes a new shower experience that is both "comfortable" and "eco-friendly."

Walk training robo (Sports Zone)

This robot supports safe and appropriate walking, which enables the elderly to regain their confidence about walking and forms a solid foundation for virtually all sports activities. Proprietary AI control technology automatically analyzes the user's walking ability to provide the optimal exercise load.

Sensors record data such as the force of pushing the handle and the tilt of the body. AI puts an optimal load on each user. Information such as walking speed, distance, and body tilt is displayed on the screen installed in the handle. This data is automatically saved on a cloud server. In addition to providing feedback to users, it supports the preparation of documents.

*1 Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, All Japan Business Committee, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), MEGA WEB.
*2 This organization formed by the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Japan Association of Corporate Executives and joined by companies and local governments across the country to help enliven the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to help create a lasting legacy for the future.

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