Oct 25, 2019

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Panasonic Demonstrates Its Latest Technology and Solutions for Live IP and Remote Production at IBC 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Panasonic showcased its latest range of broadcast & ProAV products and solutions at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2019, which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 13 to 17, 2019.

A wide range of its latest technology and solutions for Live IP and remote production were demonstrated, including the new IT/IP-centric production switcher, its 4K system camera line-up, its CineLive solution that allows use of the Super35mm VariCam LT for multicamera productions, and a full integration of its robotic cameras, dolly and rail systems, and switchers. Throughout Panasonic booth, several new and never-seen-before products were showcased by fully integrating with its existing camera solutions.

Widest ever range of remote camera and robotic solutions

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its market-leading PTZ Camera range, Panasonic showcased its widest ever range of robotic solutions. Attendees were able to see the latest Panasonic PTZ cameras and controllers in action for a range of diverse applications including live sport and indoor and outdoor entertainment events, Government and Corporate presentations and meeting room conferencing, as well as for the broadcast and recording of lectures in education.

New PTZ cameras were demonstrated:

  • Ultra-wide-angle lens AW-UE4 Compact 4K PTZ Camera
  • 4K PTZ AW-UE150 Camera

As well as the latest cameras, the latest AW-RP150 and AW-RP60 remote camera controllers to complement Panasonic's comprehensive professional PTZ camera lineup were on show.

The PTZ camera range is complemented by a range of third party robotic solutions on show at IBC that bring new levels of movement to remote camera live production workflows.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality capabilities from its latest technology collaborations

Panasonic demonstrated the latest innovations in virtual and augmented reality as well as slow motion replay broadcast capabilities as a result of its collaboration with leading industry players. The collaborations with Zero Density, Brainstorm and SImplyLive demonstrated how broadcasters and content producers can reduce complexity and costs when incorporating the latest technology into their production workflow.

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A brand new, IT/IP-centric platform

Panasonic presented its brand new, IT/IP-centric platform, before the product is launched in 2020. This new generation system is not a dedicated tool: it is based on an open software architecture and will bring ground-breaking innovations to many markets in the video industry, starting with a very powerful broadcast video switcher.

Panasonic also showcased products and solutions as follows:

Source: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/news-and-events/panasonic-demonstrates-landmark-broadcast-technology-innovations-at-ibc-2019

New broadcast shoulder mount camera supporting 4K/HDR recording and network compatibility

Panasonic's new AJ-CX4000GJ broadcast shoulder mount 4K camera was showcased. The product, which will launch in December 2019, follows the handheld-type AG-CX350 as the new "CX" Series lineup of 4K camera recorders.

Source: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/news-and-events/panasonic-showcases-new-broadcast-shoulder-mount-camera-supporting-4khdr-recording-and-network

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