Apr 17, 2019

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Panasonic Drives Innovation in Live Production at NAB 2019

In its 'Smart Studio,' Panasonic 8K ROI and 4K Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Systems Teamed with Tecnopoint, BlackTrax and Brainstorm in a Live AR Demonstration

LAS VEGAS, NV, U.S. - Panasonic showcased advanced products and technologies for live production at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. Visitors to the company's NAB booth previewed the future of live production in the Smart Studio, a set demonstrating the sophisticated features of the AW-UE150, Panasonic's new 4K/HD pan/tilt/zoom camera, in integration with virtual systems.

"Live production clients are seeking more than just improved video performance, they're interested in better production values, more camera angles and more interesting camera moves," said Carter Hoskins, Director of Broadcast, Cinema, Professional Video Systems, Panasonic. "The Smart Studio showcased the UE150 4K camera with 3rd party solutions to illustrate the latest developments in Augmented Reality (AR)."

The Smart Studio: Where Auto-Tracking Technology Merged with Advanced, Multi-Axis on-Air Movement

The key products on this live set included Panasonic's 8K ROI system, which allowed one camera operator to access the 8K camera's super-wide field of view and HD windows with full PTZ control and followed the action from multiple virtual camera angles, saving space over multiple manned cameras. The 8K ROI system teamed with the real-time BlackTrax tracking system to automatically track moving subjects on the set with shots perfectly in frame and ready to take to program.

Panasonic's AW-UE150 4K/HD PTZ was demonstrated with Tecnopoint Tuning software, Totem telescopic column systems and motorized floor and ceiling dolly systems, bringing more axes and another dimension of movement into the live production. With the UE150's freeD support (for integration into virtual systems), a scene was digitally mapped, allowing for tracking of subject movement with the camera and Tecnopoint systems, all while coordinating the live on-screen display of an AR object or scene through a Brainstorm server.

Other highlights of Panasonic's NAB product offerings included:

  • the newly-available AG-CX350, the industry's lightest 4K 10-bit fixed-lens camcorder, and EVA 3.0, the latest version of the company's popular 5.7K AU-EVA1 cinema camcorder;
  • new partner integrations into the overall workflow of Panasonic's P2Cast cloud-based platform, notably Amazon Web Services' (AWS) servers;
  • the new AW-HE42 1080p PTZ, offering significant improvements in lensing, stabilization and interfacing, as well as a prototype of the AW-UE4 PTZ camera for small room, group conferencing;
  • the prototype of a new 4K P2 shoulder-mount camcorder.

Additional technology and content demonstrations at the Panasonic booth included:

  • Panasonic's new Live Production Suite prototype, the first look at a new modular scalable switching platform capable of working in a hybrid SDI/SMPTE2110 environment in HD, 3G or 4K and fed by MoIP video from Panasonic's AK-UC4000 camera system (Including the AK-NP600 built in MoIP SMPTE 2110 interface). The AK-UC4000, setting a new standard in 4K/HD Live Video production, now offers 4K wireless transmission, V-Log output for near live production including Netflix productions, and Ross Dashboard connectivity. The live production suite also took inputs from the AW-UE150 PTZ integrated with Tecnopoint hardware and software control server. More video feeds were derived from Panasonic's 8K ROI system driven by BlackTrax for automatic tracking;
  • Panasonic's families of cinema, ENG, studio, pan/tilt/zoom and POV cameras and related equipment in simulated production environments;
  • the outstanding low-light performance of the VariCam 35, the VariCam LT and the AU-EVA1 on the Dual ISO "Dark" set, as well as examples of 4K HDR content shot on these cinema cameras;
  • on the exhibit's presentation stage, presentations and panel discussions were held on new technologies and products. Leading cinematographers and broadcasters (including William Wages, ASC; DP Elle Schneider; TBN's Director of Network Operations Larry Haley; Loyola Marymount University's (Los Angeles)'s Director of Broadcast Production Patrick Alcerro) discussed projects shot with Panasonic cameras. The presentations were made available on Panasonic's Facebook page, @panasonicprovideoUSA. Visit panasonic.com/us/NAB2019 to view the full schedule of presentations at the show.

Panasonic also demonstrated its NDI(R)-based pan/tilt/zoom cameras at the NDI(R) Central Pavilion.
Stay up to date with Panasonic's latest NAB announcements and activities at panasonic.com/us/NAB2019.

For more information about Panasonic professional video products, visit the following websites.
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