Sep 28, 2018

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Sinar Mas Land and Panasonic Homes Develop SAVASA, Smart Township with Japan Quality in Kota Deltamas - Cikarang

- Proposing Smart Living Concept with state-of-the-art Japanese technology and Futuristic Vision for Modern Urban Life
- SAVASA Smart Town will be developed based on 4 basic concepts: 1) Smart Township; 2) Smart Security; 3) Smart Home; and 4) Smart Community
- SAVASA is strategically located in the mid of Jakarta-Cikampek Highway linking 2 Major Cities of Jakarta and Bandung, and it will be 5 minutes away from Karawang Station of Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail

Jakarta, Indonesia - September 15, 2018 - Sinar Mas Land, through its subsidiary PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk (PDL) together with PT. Panasonic Homes Gobel Indonesia (PHGI), unveiled their new SAVASA Marketing Gallery and Show Units at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Panasonic Homes, a Japanese housing developer belongs to the Panasonic Group, is collaborating with Sinar Mas Land to develop the SAVASA residential project in Kota Deltamas, Cikarang, Bekasi Regency. Ownership of the project is split 49% to PDL which is a public-listed company under Sinar Mas Land, Sojitz Corporation and others, and 51% to Panasonic Group (Panasonic Homes). The two companies formed a joint venture company called PT. PanaHome Deltamas Indonesia (PHDI) in November last year, and it will develop a residential project covering a total planned area of ​​37 hectares. These two companies have poured in investment with the sum of Rp. 360 billion for land purchase and development in the first phase.

SAVASA's development will be divided into three (3) phases, with the first phase development within an area of ​​13 hectares and consists of 811 houses and 33 shophouses, distributed in 4 clusters: Asa, Niwa, Hana and Yuta. The design combines the elements of green environment, modern life, smart living features and earthquake-resistant building technology.

SAVASA is here to provide the best home and living solutions for the people of Indonesia. With the tagline "Smart Lifestyle," SAVASA will develop a smart town in Kota Deltamas which based on four basic concepts: 1) Smart Township; 2) Smart Security; 3) Smart Home; 4) Smart Community. This residential neighborhood located strategically within a convenient distance from main business districts in Deltamas City, Bekasi Regency, Indonesia and it is just 5 minutes away from the Karawang Station of Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail and the future toll exit of Km 41.6. SAVASA comes with two types of house, namely Type A and B. Type A, with a land area of 66 m2 and a building area of 64 m2, consists of two bedrooms, while Type B, with a land area of 84 m2 and a building area of 80 m2, consists of three bedrooms. Both types are also equipped with a carport in each unit. This residential area also comes with public facilities such as public charging stations of mobile phones and laptops, Delivery Dropbox to maintain the security of the cluster during shipment of goods, and smart security features such as CCTV cameras, infrared beam sensors, and access card systems for the residents.

SAVASA is the latest breakthrough innovation in creating residences with speedy, efficient but sturdy earthquake-resistant building construction through Panasonic's POWERTECH technology. The residence is also equipped with advanced features such as Panasonic's Home Network System and PURETECH air filtration and ventilation system, which is a device that can filter out 97%* of dirty dust and harmful particles entering the house. SAVASA Homes designed with cross ventilation systems which improves air circulation and makes the house cooler and healthier.

* Result of Testing Environment

Hongky Jeffry Nantung, President Director of PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk (PDL) as well as Commercial CEO of Sinar Mas Land said, "Seeing the rapid development of Cikarang area and its surroundings lately, especially with the official appointment of Kota Deltamas as the location of Cikarang Japanese School, gave confidence to us the importance of providing quality housing with Japanese standards here. In order to achieve that, we are collaborating with Panasonic Homes, who has vast experiences in developing smart town such as the extremely successful Fujisawa SST in Japan, to jointly build 37 hectares of premium residential products on our land. Sinar Mas Land is always committed to continuously innovating, to provide the best housing selection at affordable prices for the people of Indonesia."

Kazuhiko Tanaka, President Director of PT. PanaHome Deltamas Indonesia (PHDI), who also serves as President Director of PT. Panasonic Homes Gobel Indonesia, added "Panasonic Homes has 54 years of experience building more than 490,000 homes in Japan, and we have implemented our housing technology in Taiwan, Malaysia and now in Indonesia. We believe our unique Wall-Precast Concrete (W-PC) technology can help to provide solutions for the backlog of 13 million homes in Indonesia, since we can shorten the construction period by at least three months while maintaining a high-level of quality. Together with Sinar Mas Land, we aim to achieve sustainable urban development which shows consideration for environmental conservation and safety, providing a high-quality living cluster to Indonesian people."

SAVASA is a residential development that cares for the environment. This is evidenced by the allocation of dedicated urban farming area in the cluster. The concept of the SAVASA Smart Town is also enhanced by the presence of bioswale and underground water tank features, which serve to store rainwater and prevent floods, as well as environmentally friendly technologies such as centralized solar-farms, intended to supply the electricity needs of LED street-lighting and public facilities in SAVASA. Our plan for sustainable urban development which shows strong commitment to environmental conservation and safety will provide a high-quality living to workers at the industrial estates and families with small children. By 2030, we will have built a town with a population of approximately 10,000 living in about 2,500 units of houses.

"Anticipating the community's need for quality but environmentally-friendly housing, together with Panasonic Homes, we plan to offer the SAVASA housing cluster with the initial price of Rp. 978,000,000 and NUP of Rp. 5,000,000," said Hongky Jeffry Nantung, President Director of PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk (PDL) and Commercial CEO of Sinar Mas Land.

Strategic location and easy access for residents

SAVASA is strategically located in the heart of Kota Deltamas, which is rapidly developing more and more facilities and infrastructure that supports the principles of life, work, and play. The area also has some of the best schools and colleges, such as Pangudi Luhur Bernardus School, Ananda Mitra Industri Deltamas Vocational School, ITSB's campus (Sinar Mas's collaborative campus with ITB), a Korean education complex and Fajar Hidayah. Not only that, an AEON Mall will also be built in this area, as well as Mitra Keluarga hospital, elevated highway, new exit Gate of Km 41.6 and High-Speed Rail train TOD Development of Karawang station. Direct access to the Jakarta Cikampek toll road will be available from the existing Km 37 Exit Toll of Cikarang Pusat.

Kota Deltamas

Kota Deltamas is a modern integrated independent city, built on an area of ​​approximately 3,177 hectares combining international-standard residential, commercial and industrial areas with a variety of world-class facilities and infrastructure. PT. Puradelta Lestari, Tbk (PDL) was listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange since 2015 and has developed Kota Deltamas for more than 20 years since its inception. With the collaboration of Sojitz, one of the leading conglomerate companies in Japan, PDL is committed to providing the best facilities and infrastructure for both Kota Deltamas and the GIIC (Greenland International Industrial Center) industrial area within it, covering an area of ​​1,458 hectares with more than 120 industrial tenants. The other advantages of Kota Deltamas are its very strategic location and easy access. The Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road can be accessed directly from Exit Km 37 Cikarang Pusat, providing greater convenience to both residents and business operators in Kota Deltamas.

About Sinar Mas Land

Sinar Mas Land is a leading property developer in South East Asia with over 40 years' experience in property development in Indonesia. Sinar Mas Land is listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the name of PT. Bumi Serpong Damai Tbk, (BSDE). Since 2011, BSDE has acquired several affiliated companies--namely PT Duta Pertiwi Tbk, PT Sinar Mas Teladan and PT Sinar Mas Wisesa. These acquisitions are expected to improve BSDE's performance, especially with regards to BSDE's revenue and portfolio diversification.

With over 50 major projects developed in Indonesia and more than 10,000 hectares of land bank, Sinar Mas Land can be called the largest and most trusted property developer in Indonesia. The proof of Sinar Mas Land's success is also recognized by the world, having received various prestigious International awards such as the World FIABCI Prix d'excellence Award in Cyprus (2011), Taichung (2013) & Kuala Lumpur (2015), the Asia Pacific Property Award in Kuala Lumpur (2012, 2013, 2015), Cityscape Awards for Emerging Market in Dubai (2014), and the FIABCI Golden Award in Andora (2017).

With the support of a strong management team, Sinar Mas Land is also known as the most successful independent city developer (through BSD City Development), as well as a pioneer in the development of residential concept Cluster / concept- clustered residential (Kota Wisata, Legenda Wisata, Grand Wisata, other). In addition, Sinar Mas Land is also a pioneer in developing innovative projects in Indonesia, such as the Strata Mall / Trade Center (ITC).

As a developer, Sinar Mas Land seeks to demonstrate concern for environmental conservation issues through the implementation of "green vision" in each project. The company's consideration for environmental conservation has been shown through various programs, such as the Green Office Park green building, Green Building certification, environmentally-friendly 'The Breeze' Mall, comfortable pedestrian paths and events to build public awareness on the importance of preserving the environment, such as the Green Festival event held every year. So far, Sinar Mas Land has planted more than three million trees in commercial areas, pedestrian areas, median roads, and environmental parks, and developed city parks and urban forests. Sinar Mas Land also continuously undertakes initiatives focused on social problems, including CSR programs that provide opportunities to local communities and small businesses through Sinar Mas Land developments. This includes a program which provides business premises for thousands of SMEs in traditional markets and park, as well as other CSR programs.

Sinar Mas Land has strong and long-term strategic partners such as Sojitz (Japan), AEON Mall (Japan), Itochu (Japan), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), Hong Kong Land (China), as well as local partners such as Kompas Gramedia and Kalbe, and now with Panasonic Homes (Japan).

About Panasonic Group in Indonesia

Panasonic Corporation is a leader in the development of electronic technology around the world, both for household consumers, as well as for businesses, industries, and individuals. Since its founding in 1918, Panasonic has grown to include more than 500 consolidated companies around the world. Committed to delivering more value to consumers through technological innovations in all fields, Panasonic supports the creation of a better life and world for its customers. Panasonic first appeared in the Asia Pacific region with the establishment of its first factory in Thailand in 1961. In Indonesia itself, Panasonic has a very long history and is embedded in the hearts of all Indonesian people. It started with the invention of radio 'Tjawang' by the late Drs. H. Thayeb Moh. Gobel in 1954, and continued with the first TV in 1962 and the National brand in 1970, with the National brand eventually renamed to Panasonic in 2004. Panasonic in Indonesia has remained the most prominent electronic brand with its wide variety of innovative products, ranging from audio/visual equipment to cameras, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and others. For information about Panasonic, please visit our website at or call our Customer Care Center at 62-804-1-111-111

About Panasonic Homes

Panasonic Homes Co., Ltd. was established in 1963 by the founder of Panasonic Corp., Konosuke Matsushita. For more than 50 years since then, the company has expanded its housing business in Japan and honed its technology and expertise in the building of homes. As of March 31, 2017, cumulative home sales have reached approximately 490,000. The company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Panasonic Corp. in October 2017, changing its name from PanaHome to Panasonic Homes in April 2018.
The company entered the Taiwan market in 2010, Malaysia in 2012, and Indonesia in 2017, and has expanded its housing business from detached homes to condominiums. It has also expanded its services from the interior business to construction and urban development businesses.

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