Apr 13, 2018

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Panasonic is Showcasing Its Unified, Simplified and Secure Ecosystem to Keep Communities Safe at ISC West 2018

Las Vegas, NV, U.S. - Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America (PSSNA) is showcasing its latest innovations and a diversified technology portfolio of end-to-end security and evidence management solutions at ISC West 2018 Booth 10037, April 11-13, at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Expanding upon the broad collection of fixed, mobile and body-worn hardware and software surveillance platforms unveiled late last year, Panasonic is exhibiting a collection of highly-integrated products and services to easily connect and manage the fast-changing security industry. New products include FacePRO facial recognition software with deep learning technology; the new Video Insight VI 7.2 VMS; the i-PRO EXTREME 33MP (4x4K) Multi-Sensor camera; the i-PRO EXTREME 9 Megapixel 360 degree dome camera series; and the i-PRO EXTREME 5 Megapixel Fixed camera series.

"ISC West serves as an important platform to show the significant investment Panasonic has made in security technology to provide integrated solutions that are easy to use across numerous key vertical markets including education, public safety, and transportation," said M. Faisal Pandit, SVP and Chief Digital Officer, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. "We are committed to delivering comprehensive, turnkey, video surveillance hardware and software solutions that work together to keep cities, schools, and our communities safe."

This year the new Unified Security Management Solutions exhibit demonstrates Panasonic's VI 7 VMS Solution, MonitorCast Access Control, Transportation Solution and Advidia Cameras. The Unified Public Safety area demos body-worn-cameras, UEMS (Unified Evidence Management System) and the new FacePRO high-precision facial recognition software with deep learning technology. The new I-PRO Extreme Products display showcases FacePRO facial recognition software and its integration with the new i-PRO EXTREME line of cameras (Multi-Sensor, 9 Megapixel 360, and 5 Megapixel camera series), as well as the cameras themselves, and a new NVR. The Strategic Partner Zone includes v5 systems a portable outdoor security solutions, Optex an intrusion detection security demo and integration between Genetec / FacePRO.

Details on the Panasonic technology and solutions to be showcased in ISC West Booth 10037 include:

New FacePro Facial Recognition

Featuring a "deep learning" core engine that boasts the world's highest face recognition performance, FacePro high-precision facial recognition software can identify faces that are difficult to recognize with conventional technologies, including faces at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, and those partially hidden by sunglasses. FacePro even works better with the feature "iA (intelligent Auto) mode" that camera automatically adjusts settings to shoot optimal images best suited for facial recognition. When used with Panasonic's i-PRO EXTREME series network cameras installed with "Best Shot feature," only the "best shots" will be sent to the server for face recognition. Using FacePro with cameras equipped with the iA function enables image analysis to be performed on the camera instead of the server. As a result, only the best images are sent, reducing server and network load and total system cost.

Video Insight VI 7.2 Video Management Software

An integral component of any school or city safety solution is video surveillance management. Video Insight VI 7.2 is the latest generation of VI's open-platform VMS and is faster and is reimagined from the ground up to be more intuitive, easy, and powerful, while offering new premium functionality for key vertical markets:

  • Panasonic Body-Worn Camera Support

    Ability to connect to Panasonic body-worn cameras and can transfer video and audio to VI MonitorPlus.

  • Vehicle Incident Detection (VID)

    Capture and highlight video of stopped and wrong-way vehicles.

  • Transportation Functionality

    Transfer and review video and audio from Panasonic body-worn cameras.

  • LPR License Plate Recognition (LPR) Plug-in

    Integrate with LPR cameras to capture, monitor, and review video associated with recognized license plates.

  • FacePro Integration Plug-in

    Detect registered faces and retrieve recorded snapshots and associated video.

  • Panasonic NVR Integration

    Ability to connect Panasonic NVRs and cameras for live and recorded video.

New i-Pro EXTREME H.265 Multi-Sensor Camera - WV-X8570N, WV-S8530N

The new i-Pro EXTREME Multi-Sensor cameras deliver extreme image quality - 4x4K (33 MP), 3840x2160, 15 FPS - for evidence capturing under the most challenging of conditions which makes it perfect for use in safe city and traffic applications. i-Pro EXTREME Multi-Sensor cameras have four repositionable lenses, 4K image sensors, offer sharp and clear images of fast moving vehicles with iA (intelligent Auto) and ClearSight Coating. Durable, with outstanding low light performance, the i-ProEXTREME Multi-Sensor is an excellent choice for nighttime applications. H.265 compression with new smart coding, self-learning ROI (Region of Interest), and the highest in data security make the i-Pro EXTREME Multi-Sensor a technologically superior line of video surveillance cameras.

New i-Pro EXTREME H.265 9 MP 360 Degree Camera - WV-X4571LM, WV-X4571L, WV-X4171, WV-X4170

The i-Pro EXTREME 9 MP 360 line of video surveillance cameras is perfect for transportation, retail, logistics, campus, city and healthcare applications. With a more clear - and less distorted - image of faces and objects near the edge of the fisheye, the camera provides 9 megapixel fisheye images up to 30 FPS and instantly responds to sudden light changes. It also has Auto Shutter speed control for fast moving objects, Super Dynamic 108dB for backlit situations and shadows, and built-in IR LED for clarity in zero lux conditions (*). H.265 compression with new smart coding, self-learning ROI (Region of Interest), and the highest in data security encryption make the i-Pro EXTREME 9 MP 360 camera a technologically superior line of video surveillance cameras. (*IR LED is outdoor models only)

New i-Pro EXTREME H.265 5 MP Fixed Camera - WV-S2550L, WV-S2250L, WV-S1550L

Perfect for safe cities and campuses, as well as for transportation, retail and finance implementations, the new i-Pro EXTREME 5 MP fixed camera line offers Auto Shutter speed control for moving vehicles, sharp images of a person walking in daylight or at night, outstanding low light performance, and Super Dynamic 120dB for backlit situations including headlights or shadows on streets. With 5 megapixel images up to 30 FPS, efficient H.265 compression provides longer recording and less storage compared to any other H.264 techniques. New self-learning ROI (Region of Interest) detects movement within an image and compresses areas with little motion to reduce transmitted data while maintaining the quality of the image. Full end-to-end system encryption with i-PRO EXTREME Recorder and devices provide protection from IP snooping, IP spoofing, and data alteration.

To demo these and other Panasonic products, visit ISC West Booth 10037. For more information, please visit: https://www.security.us.panasonic.com/network-cameras/.

For more information about Panasonic's full line of surveillance solutions, please visit www.security.us.panasonic.com and follow us on Twitter.

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