Apr 19, 2018

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"Panasonic Future EXPO" in Beijing Introduces Its Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Future

Beijing, China - Panasonic was pleased to hold the Future EXPO, a wide-ranging exhibition of cutting-edge technologies under a single roof, from April 12-15, 2018, at The Place in Beijing. As the company looks forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, it reflects on the remarkable social changes that have been driven by this technological evolution.

To enable visitors to experience what the world will be like in the next 100 years, Panasonic offered a glimpse of future life at this eye-opening event. Ms. Yang Lan, a Senior Media Professional, served as the guide to this world of tomorrow, and helped guests to interpret the upcoming surprises through their natural senses.

Vision 2030: Realizing the brand concept

Vision 2030 was available to the public at the Panasonic Future EXPO. It endowed daily life, diet, and travel in the future with new concepts through video presentations, and integrated high tech devices of Panasonic into future life, making everything comfortable, convenient, and more humanized. It enabled us to shape the future world with the help of high-end high tech equipment, and realized the brand concept of "A Better Life, A Better World".

Future Mobility: Creating a pleasant driving experience

We have always yearned for a comfortable driving experience. As the rapidly developing technology gradually liberates our hands, a journey with a wide variety of enjoyment is fast approaching us. The "Future Mobility" booth of the Panasonic Future EXPO gave visitors technological wings, which allowed them to fly to the vivid world of fantastic future journeys in advance.

This booth focused on the two major fields, automotive and avionics, and demonstrated the form of future mobility. Avionics demonstrated the advanced in-flight entertainment system, which had a high definition display, fantastic perspective, and highly sensitive touch screen, and supported at-home customization of the entertainment experience on board. The automotive part demonstrated the next generation cockpit with a surreal appearance where guests were able to have an unprecedented experience. The new-concept cockpit was waiting for its passengers.

Future Entertainment: Bringing a fantastic experience

The Future Entertainment booth consisted of the Future Stage Show, Future Amusement, and Future Experiencing Zone. It had multiple application scenarios to comprehensively analyze the bold innovation of Panasonic in interactive entertainment. With AR glasses on, a viewer was able to experience the ultimate excitement of skiing as if he/she were actually skiing; the high-speed tracking device swiftly perceived the action of performers, and represented the performance that would provide a wonderful shock to the audience's audio-visual senses; a face-to-face interpreter brought efficient and carefree authentic communication, and enabled traveling around the world with no need of hiring an interpreter. At the Panasonic Future EXPO, visitors found the answers to the questions of what they can imagine or cannot predict.

Future Home: "Magic mirror" showing a wonderful life

The future home is no longer a mere tool; it will be integrated with considerate caring. Moreover, it will not only add comfort and joy to daily life, but also create a sweet home for families. In the concept of Panasonic's "Future Home", the intelligent "magic mirror" was embedded in the bathroom and the kitchen, so as to achieve the convenient management of various equipment, and monitor the health status of the residents. Combined with the Panasonic home appliances created with leading technologies, what the future home looks like was presented clearly and vividly at this Panasonic EXPO.

Future City: All-inclusive

Future cities will be cleaner, more intelligent and sustainable, which is the blueprint drawn by Panasonic Future City. Exoskeleton robots help individuals to reduce the possible injuries induced by carrying heavy objects. Security products guard the urban safety wholeheartedly. In order to solve the problems encountered in urban development, Panasonic has taken many measures in the areas such as cold chain, energy storage, and solar energy. Moreover, the successful construction of Fujisawa and Tsunashima smart cities has provided a blueprint for construction of the future city that integrates greenery and environmental protection, intelligent homes, intelligent infrastructure, and convenient public service.

Looking back at the journey in the past century, there has been the joy of success and growth, as well as the pain of venture creation and transformation. At present, Panasonic focuses on B2B and pursues the goal of "A Better Life, A Better World", while its business covers numerous areas, such as living space, B2B, and mobility. It has grown together with global customers and partners. At the 100th anniversary, this Panasonic Future EXPO presented to all the world the dedication and exploration of Panasonic in the existing and unknown realms. Moreover, a character representing Panasonic's brand image told her story with Panasonic.
Visitors were able to see what high-quality living has in store for the future, and envision the shape of new technologies. Panasonic's 100th anniversary is the ideal time to turn dreams into reality, and create a blueprint for the future.

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