Mar 27, 2018

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"Multilingual Audio Translation Broadcasting System" Equipped with Panasonic's "Megahonyaku(R)" Software to be Installed in Train Stations

Osaka, Japan - JR West Japan is currently making efforts to better welcome inbound tourists. As part of such efforts, they have hired non-Japanese staff, are utilizing iPad translation services, and are offering multilingual announcements onboard trains.

In train stations that welcome many inbound tourists, JR West Japan will be installing the "multilingual audio translation broadcasting system" for the first time in Japan(*1), which is connected to the train stations' existing broadcasting systems. The "multilingual audio translation broadcasting system" is comprised of a TOUGHPAD (tablet PC) equipped with Panasonic's multilingual translation service, "Megahonyaku(R)(*2)." This system can provide preinstalled information on the train station concourses and platforms in English, Chinese, and Korean.

Using this system, JR West Japan will enhance the services it provides to inbound tourists.

The system will be installed at: Kyoto Station, Nishikujo Station, Universal City Station, Tennoji Station, Himeji Station
Roll out (TBC): March 30, 2018

*1: As of March 9, 2018 according to Panasonic Corporation's research.
*2: Megahonyaku and TOUGHPAD are registered trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.

About the installation of the "multilingual audio translation broadcasting system"

  1. Respective train stations
    Train stations that welcome many inbound tourists.
    Kyoto Station, Nishikujo Station, Universal City Station, Tennoji Station, Himeji Station
    *Other train stations to be added at a later date.
  2. Respective languages
    Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
  3. Application
    The train station staff will select fixed phrases and play them back. The phrases will provide information on the train stations' concourses and platforms.

    • Standard operation: Information about trains, platforms, and connections.
    • In case of emergencies: Delays, temporary suspensions, suspensions, changes in platforms
    • Important notices
  4. Image of the screen and installation benefits
  5. Roll out for JR West Japan
    March 30, 2018 (TBC)

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