Oct 10, 2017

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Panasonic Launches The First Home & Commercial Solution Showroom in Thailand

B2B, property developers, and offices highly targeted

Bangkok, Thailand - Sep 7, 2017 - Panasonic Group in Thailand has made aggressive moves into the B2B segment, property developers, and corporate customers by introducing "Panasonic Smart Solution Center", the first of its kind in Thailand, featuring Panasonic's Home & Commercial Solution. The center is a platform in providing references for the innovative products and technologies of the future, offered by all Panasonic units in one place, in addition to the total integrated solutions to serve the modern life. Thailand is one of the four countries where Panasonic opens the showroom to support the Southeast Asian markets. The center is targeted as a sales facilitation platform for Business partners.

Mr. Hidekazu Ito, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, "Thailand is a very important market, among the tops in the ASEAN region. Panasonic is committed to delivering innovative products and world-class services to Thai consumers. The real estate market is an important target. Since the past year, Panasonic Group in Thailand has begun to penetrate more real estate developers by introducing Home & Living solutions and products at The 35th House and Condo Show 2016. The event was well received and attracted a large number of our target respondents.

"This year, Panasonic Group in Thailand has mapped out a strategy to market to B2B customers such as the property developers, companies, and offices for greater effectiveness by launching Panasonic Smart Solution Center. The center will showcase Panasonic's future innovative products and technologies: all in one space; to answer all the solutions of modern living. Panasonic aims that the showroom will serve as a communication channel to engage our business partners. They will see more clearly the overall picture of the design, usage, and functions. In addition, the showroom serves as another significant key to facilitate our business partners in demonstrating products and innovative solutions to their customers and they will be very much impressed."

Panasonic Smart Solution Center is Panasonic's first Home & Commercial Solution Showroom in Thailand. The showroom is one of the four. The others are in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam to meet the needs of the Southeast Asian market, in addition to the showrooms having been established in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. Each showroom is designed to suit the local market and the needs of each country. For Thailand, the potential market that keeps growing is the property market, especially condominium projects, and corporate customers, and offices. At the showroom, there are simulations of various solutions to meet the lifestyle of Thai people.

The Panasonic Smart Solution Center spans a total area of 844 sq.m. (352 sq.m. for product displays, 396 sq.m. for multi-purposes, and 96 sq.m. for training rooms and conference rooms).

6 zones to showcase different products and solutions

  1. Extreme Visual Space. The zone exhibits innovative visuals by using a projector with ashort-throw projector lens to create an amazing 180-degree panoramic view. Highlights include the 7,000-bright PT-RZ770BA laser projector, that lasts a 20,000-hour lifetime and the ET-DLE030, which is Panasonic's ultra-short-throw lens projection that enables large-screen projection from a short distance.
  2. Smart & Healthy Living. The zone combines Panasonic's Smart & Healthy products together to showcase products that offer easier and safer living. Life can be made easy with these solutions in the zone that Panasonic has brought together to meet all quality lifestyles, such as large air conditioning using ERV system and SKY SERIES air conditioners with elegant design. Sky Stream design and Radiant Cooling offer cool air to cover the whole room. AERO SERIES featuring AEROWINGS twin flaps deliver concentrate air flow. With nanoe-G technology can help eliminate dust and impurities in the air that Inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. The products are equipped with an energy-saving mode to accelerate the cooling up to 15%, plus Smart Home Solution, including a smart bathroom that provides the sanitary and bathroom systems designed to facilitate the use of both children and the elderly.
  3. Modernized Office. The zone exhibits the performance of all communications connections to offer comfort and meet the professional office work by applying technology as an important tool to drive the business. For example, a large touch screen built in on a desk. Everyone in the room can share their ideas on the touch screen right away, as well as the collaboration between the PBX, connected via HDVC to help reduce barriers usually occurring during this type of conference. The participants do not miss any communication, even though they are not in the conference area. They can connect to the conference via their smart phone.
  4. Advanced Retail. The zone incorporates state-of-the-art technology in displaying products in modern department stores or other retail stores, combined with a comprehensive security system that is more than just offering security. The system is designed to deliver surveillance solutions and a precisely-detectable fault detection system, and with an image analysis system. Highlights at the zone include Space Player, a key technology in creating projection mapping to enhance displayed objects. LinkRay technology is another highlight, which uses visible light communication to display mobile content through an application from smartphones. Tolso Lighting technology is used to make the products displayed on the shelf look more vibrant in colors. Panasonic OLED TV, the new TV that offers the highest quality to deliver an accurate cinema experience true to the filmmaker's vision is also included in the zone.
  5. Future Lifestyle. The zone is another area arranged for presentation. It features products and technologies in the future for professional purpose.
  6. Safety Town. The zone demonstrates the effectiveness of a total solution for the security system. The solution designed in this zone is to meet the needs of the public use, in combination with the use of CCTV and Public Wi-Fi connections, as well as the use of solar panels to maximize the benefits.

Panasonic Smart Solution Center is located on Seri Thai Road. Corporate customers and business partners, and interested parties can contact the staff in advance to visit the center.

Panasonic Smart Solution Center

  • Address: 75 Seri Thai Road, Kannayao, 10230
  • Tel: 0-2731-8888 ext. 688 & 699
  • (Open Daily 8.15am- 5.30pm, Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays)
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