Aug 30, 2017

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Panasonic Supplies HIT(TM) Solar Cell Modules to Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City in Indonesia

The system will be the largest rooftop solar power plant in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia - Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has supplied its HIT(TM) solar cell modules for installation on the rooftop of Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City due to open in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 30, 2017. A total of 1,560 Panasonic HIT solar cell modules (VBHN325SJ47) with high module conversion efficiency and superior temperature properties will be installed. The rooftop solar panels have a combined output of 507kW, providing power for lighting in the mall. This is the largest in scale in Indonesia for a rooftop-installed solar power system.

This solar system became possible through the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)(*1) between Japan and Indonesia. PT Aeon Mall Indonesia, a local subsidiary of Japan's AEON MALL Co., Ltd., and Itochu Corporation formed an international consortium to apply for JCM's subsidy program. The consortium chose Panasonic's high-efficiency HIT solar modules because they can produce the maximum output of energy from a limited space.

Panasonic's HIT solar modules, built with its unique heterojunction solar cells with layers of amorphous silicon on monocrystalline silicon, boast a high conversion efficiency. They also have excellent temperature properties resistant to lower output during high temperatures in summer to give high power output year round. In addition to these solar power systems, the Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City will also feature Panasonic's other energy-efficient and leading-edge products including LED lighting, electrical conduits, digital signage systems and security cameras, among others.

Through its B2B solutions businesses, Panasonic will continue to support Indonesia's efforts to overcome the challenges in energy, infrastructure, transportation, and food safety.

Product specifications

  • Product name: HIT industrial solar cell modules - large type 325W
    (product number: VBHN325SJ47)
  • Module conversion efficiency: 19.4%
  • Nominal maximum output: 325W
  • Number of panels delivered: 1,560

* HIT is a registered trademark of the Panasonic Group and its original technology.

*1 The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) is a system, initiated by Japan's Environment Ministry, allowing cooperation with a developing country to reduce greenhouse gases, with the resulting reductions being shared between both countries.

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The rooftop installation of HIT(TM) on Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City

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