Jun 22, 2017

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Panasonic Introduces the Solutions for a "Premium Lifestyle" in Latin America at the Annual Convention 2017

Panama City, Panama - Panasonic held the Annual Convention 2017 on June 14th, under the concept of "Panasonic Premium Lifestyle", which brought together the main distributors of consumer products in the region, who were able to witness the new solutions that will be introduced in the markets of Latin America during this year and the business strategies that Panasonic will be implementing in the coming months.

Here the attendees were able to see the launching of the new advertising campaign of REPIENSA, which shows the Premium lifestyle that Panasonic proposes integrating a comfortable lifestyle and being friendly to the environment at the same time. The new Panasonic AERO SERIES was also launched, which consists of a new, more stylish design and the incorporation of a new concept of comfort throughout the residential line-up of Air Conditioners, since now all models include AEROWINGS, for create a SHOWER COOLING and enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere.

The display of technology and consumer products that Panasonic will be making available this year in Latin America consists of a complete range of solutions, covering different lifestyles to propose a better life with high quality Japanese products.

Audio & Video Solutions | OLED 4K PRO Smart TV and 180° Sound

This convention presented the best technology that Panasonic proposes for this year, including Premium quality Smart TV with impressive OLED screens 4K PRO, with a Master HDR OLED Panel that was developed with the collaboration of the best professionals of the Hollywood industry in order to enjoy and watch films of the same quality they were conceived for the cinema theatres. This has been possible through the STUDIO COLOR HCX2 Processor, which is based on a color correction system called 3D Look up Table, used in professional monitors, providing an accurate reproduction of colors. Among these collaborators are Vanja Cernjul (Director/ cinematographer), Mike Sowa (Professional Hollywood Colorist) and Joseph Cafes (Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory). These televisions also offer extensive connectivity with other devices, voice commands, internet browser, external hard disk recording, and other features that will make each image an experience a visual pleasure.

On the other hand, regarding sound systems, the proposal of Panasonic is Urban Audio, with a concept of sound with great power, expansive and surround audio of 180° in various colors for satisfying all taste and the most demanding requirements. Its elegant and minimalist design combine with first class spaces and its connectivity will improve fun since its great connectivity offers the possibility of linking devices through Bluetooth and NFC. It also has 2 USB ports to record music, auxiliary ports and Karaoke option.

Another innovative option with powerful speakers is the UA3 Portable Mini-Component, with the benefit of being transported easily and with connectivity via Bluetooth, optical input, USB input or microphone input to extend the experience with a fun Karaoke, which hides the voice of the original song so that only the voice of the singer of the party can be listened.

Home Energy Saving Solution | Premium Lifestyle and Environmentally Friendly

The Home Energy Saving Solution offers a variety of high-quality Japanese products with Inverter technology and intelligent Econavi sensors, which together achieve energy savings of up to 70%, depending on the product and the use. This Solution includes refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and microwaves.

Introducing the Home Energy Saving Solution with Inverter technology and intelligent Econavi sensors

The line-up of residential AIR CONDITIONERS includes the High End model SKY Series, and besides now offers a new design in all the AERO SERIES models: the Split Premium Inverter, the Deluxe Inverter and Inverter Standard. All of them with AEROWINGS in order to enjoy the benefits of Shower Cooling. This category was expanded in order to add light commercial models and VRF, and thus provide energy savings to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Introducing the line-up of residential air conditioners and their history

As for REFRIGERATORS, we can highlight the Panasonic Premium model, the NR-D535XG with 4 doors and an exclusive finish of tempered glass in colors gray, wood and white. It offers a Smart Energy Saving with intelligent Econavi sensors, which analyze the temperature and volume of food to avoid wasted of energy and adapt the consumption according to the amount stored, reducing an additional 10% in the Energy consumption and predicting the optimum temperature.

Exhibiting the Premium model refrigerators with the Smart Energy Saving with intelligent Econavi sensors

In WASHING MACHINES, the Premium model is the NA-FS17PS6S, which thanks to the power of the Active Foam System allows a better performance of the washing creating a foam that removes the difficult spots quickly and easily. It also has Inverter technology and Econavi Sensors, so it achieves greater efficiency of washing using an optimum temperature while also is saving energy.

Presenting Premium model washing machines with the Active Foam System

And regarding MICROWAVE OVENS, was highlighted the 30 Years of experience of Panasonic in Inverter technology around the world, demonstrating the quality offered by this brand. It was also emphasized the Flat Cavity technology, unique of Panasonic, because it makes possible to provide 35% more space by eliminating the turntable so that it maximizes the space and prepares food faster. And with the Grill model, it can also provide a delicious crunchy taste and golden finish to every dish.

Security and Communication Solution | Products That Adapt to Your Lifestyle

The Panasonic Home Security System consists of a wireless system that allows you to create a powerful network of cameras, sensors, smart plugs, alarms, and more devices available to control a place with an easy-to-use application, from where the user is located and without monthly charges. This system can also be connected to a fixed line, allowing you to use your Smartphone or tablet as your home phone. In this way it is possible to monitor all the details with color video and two-way communication, providing more security to your home, from anywhere. You can give different uses to this system, such as automatic recording when sensors are activated, monitor notifications when a door or a window has been opened, talk and listen to what is happening in the area and at the moment it is happening, turn on devices or even turn them off remotely and receive notifications to your smartphone or a pre-set fixed line.

Introducing Security and Communication Solution for home

This year new accessories will be added to expand home security options, with a backup battery for cameras and other devices, an internal warning siren with which a warning alarm and a flash of LED light are activated when the sensors are activated. There is also an access keypad that enables or disables the system via codes and a remote control with a button.

As for the telecommunications system Panasonic will introduce a more elegant and modern PREMIUM design with DECT technology with an integrated speaker for clearer communication.

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The Annual Convention 2017 for Latin America was held under the concept of "Panasonic Premium Lifestyle"

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