Jun 12, 2017

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Panasonic Displayed Advanced Technologies Driving Power Innovation at PCIM 2017 in Germany - Power Electronics Focus

Nuremburg, Germany - Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe showcased its latest technology portfolio at PCIM, the main power electronics trade show in Nuremberg from May 16 - 17, 2017. PCIM Europe comprehensively covers the power electronics market. 465 German and international companies from the areas power electronics, intelligent drive technology, renewable energies and energy management exhibited this year and attracted around 10.000 visitors. To meet the growing demand for its passive components, semiconductors and thermal management solutions, Panasonic doubled the size of its booth to display its latest product portfolio of products and solutions, which provide increased efficiency and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Johannes Spatz, EVP Industrial Business, Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe comments: "Panasonic has developed high efficiency, compact GaN power devices with low heat generation suitable for different applications such as power supplies, HEV/EV and PV inverters and many others. Our GaN transistors and applications have become mass production items, demonstrating our broad range of options for different applications and our position at the forefront of this fast-moving market."

Portfolio overview:

  • X-GaN transistors, line-up expansion and design support resources
  • SiC MOSFETs with integrated diode DioMOS on 6inch wafers
  • SiC & Si power modules for automotive and industrial applications
  • GaN based application demonstrations from partners
  • Powerfuse for ultrafast active HVDC disconnect
  • High reliability passive component solutions for better circuit design
  • Soft PGS graphite sheets as thermal interface material
  • High energy and power density Energy Polymer Capacitors

X-GaN Expansion

After announcing the start of mass production of its first X-GaN power transistors at the end of 2016, Panasonic presented its latest roadmaps and line-up expansion for higher power industrial power supplies and low power ultra-compact adapters and chargers. The company also showed related application examples, developed both in house or by lead customers and partners. Examples included a GaN-based ultra-efficient 3kW power supply unit for telecoms, a GaN-based inverter for motors, a compact AC adaptor and a PCB-integrated DCDC design. The GaN evaluation environment, including various evaluation boards will also be featured.

PCIM: Panasonic talks GaN devices - "Embedded Computing Design"
Marco Panizza, Director Technical Marketing Power Electronics, discussed new GaN applications with Alix Paultre, Embedded Computing Design at PCIM 2017

SiC & Power Modules

At PCIM, Panasonic displayed its original Diode-Integrated MOSFET (DioMOS) technology on a newly developed 6 inch SiC wafer process. Visitors were shown a line-up of power modules that maximises the performance of the built-in semiconductor chips, for both industrial and automotive applications. Visitors to the booth also experienced a concept demo of an inverter unit, which demonstrates an optimized function block made possible by combining the capabilities of Panasonic's active and passive components.

SoftPGS - 28 W/mK Thermal Interface Material

Panasonic's SoftPGS is the next step for the Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet (PGS) portfolio, which is one of the thinnest thermal solutions in the world. Its industry-leading thermal conductivity of 1950 W/m K is five times higher than common materials like copper. SoftPGS has been developed as a thermal interface material (TIM) and boasts a high thermal conductivity of 28 W/m K, compressibility of 40%, easy handling and high reliability over its whole product life. SoftPGS graphite sheet consists of a 2D carbon matrix only 200 µm thick, which effectively disperses and transfers heat along X,Y and Z axes, protecting sensitive electronics like server units, IGBT modules or common inventors from damage.

Energy Polymer Capacitors

Panasonic bridges the gap between batteries and super-capacitors with its newly developed Energy Polymer Capacitor reaching energy densities comparable to lead acid batteries while keeping the high power density of supercapacitors. Panasonic Energy Polymer Capacitor will enable new solutions for backup power, peak power assist and regenerative storage applications.

Automotive Power Electronics

Panasonic provides comprehensive automotive power electronics solutions for HEVs/EVs dedicated to enhancing system efficiency, increasing power density, compacting design and minimising system costs. Key elements for hybrid and electric vehicles are offered such as innovative automotive power modules and state of the art DC link film capacitors with low ESR, low ESL and high ripple current capability. The challenge of thermal management is addressed by Panasonic's Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS), which is a unique TIM with a thermal conductivity superior to copper.

High Reliability Passive Component Solutions

Further passive components on display from Panasonic include a wide variety of the company's latest capacitors, inductors and resistors. Featured conductive polymer capacitors from Panasonic's broad products portfolio include SP-Cap, POSCAP, OS-Con and Hybrid, which are unique to Panasonic and enable high power applications to achieve optimum performance through their low ESR, high ripple long life characteristics. Panasonic Metal Composite Power Inductors also offer a unique combination of features - high current capability, high reliability and good anti-vibration characteristics - which enable design flexibility. Panasonic Shunt Resistors are the widest product portfolio in the market, featuring high power and less heat, to assist design engineers in creating optimum designs.

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X-GaN transistors, line-up expansion and design support resources

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