May 26, 2017

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Panasonic Opens the Showroom in Chile, the Only Showroom in Latin America, to Showcase the Latest B2C and B2B Technologies

Located in Las Condes, the showroom recently opened to the public introduces new lines of household products, including appliances, personal care, audio and video equipment, offering products and solutions developed with state-of-the-art technology.
Innovation, technology and design are the strengths of this brand with outstanding reputation, background and commitment to the well-being of people and the planet as a whole.

Santiago, Chile - The new Panasonic showroom in Chile has new consumer product lines with a wide array of appliances and personal care devices. There is a new electronics line-up that adds to the audio, TV, digital camera and cordless phone offerings. Since December 15, Chilean consumers can personally check out these products in the new showroom on Rosario Sur 201, Las Condes, near of Manquehue subway.

"Our new proposal improves the variety of products that lead the tech market in Chile and the world. Solutions for the home and for people were designed to enhance the quality of life, based on values such as energy efficiency and development of eco-friendly technologies, which add to unprecedented quality and features," said Houcine Haddjeri, Commercial Director of Panasonic Chile.

In digital photography, LUMIX stands out with an extensive line-up of basic and semi-professional models and interchangeable lenses, such as the new LUMIX GH5, a mirror-less camera with micro four-thirds system, hybrid, capable of recording 4K video at 60p/50p and 4K at 30p 4:2:2 10-bit and the new 6K photo function, to capture the moment in 18 megapixels at 30fps or 8 megapixels at 60fps.

New electronics line-up of audio, TV, digital camera and cordless phones

In personal care, Panasonic offers high-precision trimmers for men, hairdryers and Wet&Dry epilators for women. Adding to its variety of TVs, cordless phones and audio equipment, there are new appliances such as microwave ovens, bread-makers, electric kettles, rice cookers, washers and refrigerators -- the latter with the best in Japanese technology, reflecting Panasonic's commitment to low energy consumption and environmentally-responsible products.

Personal care products

Kitchen appliances

In this context, the Econavi technology contributes to save energy thanks to smart sensors that monitor the home's lighting level and temperature, how often the refrigerator's door is opened and its internal temperature. Applying all this data, the refrigerator ensures the ideal internal cooling process and prevents energy overuse.

What are the peculiarities of the Econavi technology on washers? In case of the high-capacity FS16 model, sensors detect water temperature and the amount of clothes inside of the basket automatically adjusting the set-up and save energy, water and time. Furthermore, the Dancing Water Flow moves through clothes to clean them thoroughly using just a bit of water. The Home Dry Care function enables extra-careful washing of delicate fabrics.

Washers and refrigerators with the Econavi technology

Our showroom has a Business Center, where we present solutions in communication, security and professional video to meet the needs of small, medium and large enterprises, government and municipal entities, retailers, educational institutions, mining companies and others.

For instance, we bring them the new Aero PTZ WV-SUD638 security camera, resistant to the elements, developed to offer high-quality Full HD images in extreme environments and ideal for ports, traffic ways, airports, urban surveillance, highways or any area with extreme weather conditions. There are also new projectors designed with Solid Shine technology, which use a large number of lasers and deliver security and long-lasting brightness that would be unattainable with conventional lamp projectors.

As for communication solutions, Panasonic introduces the new generation of voice and data platforms KX-HTS32, designed for small and medium enterprises that require low-cost inversions with high performance, enabling them to offer wireless technologies with the SIP DECT terminals of the TGP600 series. Corporate segments are served by the NSX series, with solutions for up to 2,000 extensions and interconnection of several offices, offering unified communication tools that allow users to collaborate through videoconferences, chat rooms, shared presentations, integration with e-mail platforms and CRM applications, along with the new Smart Desk concept that leverages the work of users working remotely from a smartphone or personal computer.

"Once again, Panasonic is showing leadership with this new and rapturing advance in security and launching new models that lift these new technologies to higher levels of brightness and functionality," said Shuichi Sekiguchi, Marketing and Sales Manager for B2B Solutions.

Customers who visit our showroom are aided by experts, a team of professionals who have knowledge about the performance of all equipment. Furthermore, neighboring the showroom there is a Panasonic Service Center to provide support and assurance to our loyal customers," added Advertising Manager Ignacio Jarabran.

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