May 17, 2017

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Panasonic and Fuerza Bruta Held a Joint Press Conference to Announce the New Performance "WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"


Tokyo, Japan - On May 16, 2017, a joint press conference was held at the Shinagawa Stella Ball, Tokyo, announcing the new experiential entertainment, Fuerza Bruta "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience" (organized by WA! Japan Performance Production Committee) to be held for 2 months from August 1 to September 30, 2017, to which Panasonic Corporation is sponsoring and offering technological supervision, as well as becoming a member of the production committee.

The immersive spectacle, "Fuerza Bruta" has already been experienced by more than 5 million people in over 60 cities in 30 countries around the world including a long run off Broadway in New York City. The theme of the new original performance, "WA!" is Japan and features new music, costumes, artwork, and an all-new performance. At the joint press conference, a Japanese actor, Goro Kishitani described the performance as follows: "I watched the rehearsal held in South America, the birthplace of Fuerza Bruta, and the performance was full of surprises, and this time, they also applied aerodynamics, so it was a truly stunning spectacle."

What will paint the "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience" stage in brilliant color are projectors* Panasonic will be providing as the show's technological partner. But Panasonic is going beyond simple sponsorship and technological supervision. As a business trial for the entertainment industry, Panasonic will be dressing the theater entrance and the lobby using a new signage system that combines visual devices, audio systems, and sensing technology. As a member of the production committee, Panasonic hopes to help maximize customer value by making sure that the performance as well as any time spent waiting will be enjoyable.

According to Satoshi Takeyasu, Executive Officer in charge of Panasonic's Corporate Communications, Advertising and Citizenship Division, "Panasonic expects that the entertainment industry has great potential for growth. With avant-garde shows such as Fuerza Bruta garnering success throughout the world, theaters and theme parks have also been looking closely into new customer experiences. Panasonic has also been the subject of rising expectations as a technical partner."

*Using a total of 9 Panasonic projectors (12,000 lumen PT-RZ970JB and others). Panasonic has the world's largest share of high luminance projectors boasting a brightness of more than 5,000 lumens. (As of December 2016. According to Panasonic research based on data provided by Pacific Media Associates).

Performance Information

Please see below for more details about the performance and tickets.
Information on Fuerza Bruta (English)
Panasonic X FUERZA BRUTA (Japanese)
Tickets will go on sale on: May 27, 2017 (Sat) 10:00am

  • Trailer1 (Japanese)

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    Panasonic and Fuerza Bruta Held a Joint Press Conference to Announce the New "WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"

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    The new experiential entertainment, Fuerza Bruta "Panasonic presents WA! - Wonder Japan Experience"

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    Fuerza Bruta rehearsal 1

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    Fuerza Bruta rehearsal 2

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    Fuerza Bruta rehearsal 3

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    Fuerza Bruta rehearsal 4

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