Feb 19, 2017

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Hospitality Solutions for 2020 and Beyond - From Wonder Japan Solutions 2017 -

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic introduced various solutions that it is bringing to life together with business partners, that will help realize the Future Lifestyle Beyond 2020 at "Wonder Japan Solutions 2017," a private exhibition held at the Panasonic Center Tokyo, Japan, from February 14 to 17, 2017.

"Wonder Japan Solutions" is a private exhibition where Panasonic introduces a comprehensive range of its hospitality solutions designed to enable everyone to enjoy a comfortable, convenient, and safe lifestyle in the future, beyond 2020, that have been developed by combining the Panasonic Group's collective technologies and products.

This is the third year Panasonic has organized this exhibition, and this year's theme is "Beyond 2020 The Legacy." To create social and living infrastructure that will become a lasting legacy for future generations, Panasonic has introduced its innovatively new hospitality solutions and how they are being applied in society. It also showcased its business models and vision in 3 zones: "Cities," "Airports," and "Sports ICT."

Panasonic's Hospitality Solutions at Wonder Japan Solutions 2017

WHILL NEXT Autonomous Mobile System & Smart Cart Self-reliance Support System

This electric wheelchair, WHILL NEXT, can move autonomously after users give it a destination via a smartphone application. In addition, this electric wheelchair allows multiple units to travel in a single file line. The proprietary technology in the WHILL NEXT also can link to sensor-equipped luggage carts that automatically follow the wheelchair without getting lost. Designed for crowded areas such as airports, it is equipped with image recognition technology, self-position sensors, and obstacle-detecting safety sensors, so it can move autonomously and safely even in a crowd. After unloading the luggage at the destination, the cart will automatically return to the next customer.

Available to download on vimeo

Shelters with Green Air-Conditioners

In a world where global warming and urban heat island phenomena continue to accelerate, Panasonic offers what will be a "legacy of hospitality" - countermeasures for the heat. In addition to the monument-type Green Air-Conditioners, Panasonic proposes placing its Green Air-Conditioners in bus stops with the newly developed shelter-type, which can be installed in pre-existing facilities, in collaboration with Sekisui Jushi Corporation. Panasonic's proprietary very fine mist is only 10 microns in diameter and cools people down quickly after it touches the skin. This mist also lowers the temperature of the surrounding air, providing a comfortable atmosphere. The produced stream of air, an "air curtain," creates a pleasantly cool spot within the bus stop area. Panasonic hopes to deliver the Green Air-Conditioner to more places in addition to bus stops, such as around train stations, parks and businesses.

Available to download on vimeo

Smart Street Solutions

Panasonic is working on more a comfortable, convenient, and safe town development with its "Smart Street Solutions." Panasonic is determined to use the elimination of utility poles as an opportunity to create a more convenient and safe city, together with Tokyo Electric Power Company. With the elimination of utility poles, ground equipment that stores the power distribution facilities will be installed in place of the utility poles. A variety of services and information can be provided by placing Panasonic signage, cameras as well as sensors on the ground equipment. For example, in the event of a natural disaster, the signage on the ground equipment can be linked and lead those with difficulty returning home safely to the nearest evacuation area. By adding outdoor plugs in addition to charging for electric vehicles, the street can be used in a variety of ways, such as by street vendors and open cafes, and enliven the city. Also, when autonomous driving becomes widespread, linking autonomous vehicles and the ground equipment will hopefully provide a great leap forward in improving safety.

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Contactless Vital Sensing

"Contactless Vital Sensing Technology" is one of Panasonic's sports analysis technologies. This technology can estimate the player's heart rate from his/her facial images as captured by a video camera, without any physical contact. By analyzing the subtle color change on the player's face caused by vascular constriction, it can estimate the heart rate and visualize his/her state of tension/stress. This technology can be used for sports broadcasting, and can also contribute to athletes as an analysis tool of performance.

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Self-order Signage System

The Self-order Signage System utilizes wearable devices with ultra-compact IC cards to provide a new method of scanning and payment to avoid waiting for the register at the stadium. First a credit card company issues prepaid cards for card holders. Then the card holders cut off the ultra-compact IC chips from the card and insert them into the wristband used as a wearable payment device. The advertising digital signage can detect the wearable device holder's information and displays the appropriate information - for example, it presents an English menu to American device holders. You then choose from the menu, and scan your wearable device to confirm the order. When the ordered food is ready, your name is shown on the signage. By using the wearable device, you can easily check your order, complete the payment and receive what you ordered.

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  • Module Signage & Projection on Building Material
    Proposal of a new signage as part of space design because Panasonic Group handles both AV equipment and building materials
    Available to download on vimeo

  • Sychronized Advertising Solution
    By linking signage with different purpose in unexpected way, it is realized advertisement expression with high attention and enhance the media value of space.
    Available to download on vimeo

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