May 25, 2016

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Odd-form Component Insertion added to NPM Common Platform, available in May

New Product

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.

Automation innovation for manually inserted components

Achieve high productivity, versatility, and high-quality manufacturing of large and odd-form component insertion

Model ID

Odd-form Component Insertion Machine/NPM-VF

Model No.





Body chuck, Nozzle, Lead chuck, and Swing nozzle

Applicable components

L5 x W5 x T2.5mm ~ L130 x W35 x T60mm

Applicable PCB

Standard: 50 x 50 ~ 510 x 460mm
Anvil Specification (option): 50 x 50 ~ 460 x 400mm

Start accepting orders

April 22, 2016

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., a business unit of Panasonic Corporation, announced today that it will begin taking orders for its new Odd-form Component Insertion Machine, NPM-VF (Model No. NM-EJR9A) in May, 2016.
The mounting process of large components and odd-form components has been a manual procedure and the automation of this process a challenge because such components vary in size, shape and packaging. In addition, the manual process increased labor costs, effected quality, and added to resource challenges.
The new Odd-form Component Insertion Machine NPM-VF solves these challenges by offering high productivity, versatility, and high quality production.
Panasonic continues to provide customers with innovative solutions for the mounting process and contributes to the reduction of TCO*2.


1. Automation of manual insertion process for odd-form components
2. Wide array of applications of large and odd-form components
3. Achievement of high productivity, versatility, and high-quality manufacturing

【Media Contact】

Akio Kaneko
Corporate Planning Group
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.
TEL : 050-3487-3587
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Details of features

1. Automation of the manual assembly process for odd-form components
  1. Automated manual insertion process with NPM-VF contributes to increased profitability through manpower reductions.
  2. Applicable to both stand-alone and in-line production with existing insertion equipment. In addition, SMT in-line functionality is under development.
2. Wide array of applications for large and odd-form components
  1. The NPM-VF platform, is an advanced insertion machine, is based on the accumulation of Panasonic's insertion technology expertise since the world's first inserter was developed in 1968.
  2. Expanding automation by improving applicable component dimensions compared to that of existing insertion equipment.
    Existing inserters: L22.5 x W14 x H26mm ⇒ NPM-VF: L130 x W35 x H60
3. Achievement of high productivity, versatility and high-quality manufacturing

(1) High Productivity

  • Achieving high speed insertion of maximum tact 0.8s*5 through its dual-beam (1 head per beam) alternate insertion operation.
  • Achieving non-stop production with stick, radial tape and tray feeders, etc. used to replenish components during production.

(2) Versatility

  • Maximum 3 out of 4 types of head modules (body chuck, lead chuck, nozzle, and swing nozzle) can be installed in 1 head, which provides numerous, and versatile applications.
  • Broad range of components with 4 types of component supply unit (stick, radial tape, tray, and bowl feeders*3)

(3) High-Quality Manufacturing

  • Improved insertion quality by PCB position correction function (with PCB mark and hole recognition), component position correction function (with component lead and shape recognition) and component inspection function.
  • Improved production quality by cutting and clinching lead wires with the anvil unit*4, which provides stable component mounting and prevents component miss-insertion & instability.

*1 cph : Components Per Hour
Number of components that can be inserted per hour
*2 TCO : Total Cost of Ownership
Total cost to purchase, maintain and manage equipment, etc.
*3 Individual specification
*4 Option
*5 Under Panasonic Test Conditions

Applicable Components
The Odd-form Component Insertion Machine/NPM-VF (NM-EJR9A)

The Odd-form Component Insertion Machine/NPM-VF (NM-EJR9A)

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