Feb 09, 2016

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New High-Speed Modular Mounter available in February

New Product

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.

Achieve high productivity, high accuracy placement simultaneously

Reduced labor needs by remote control

Model ID

Modular Mounter, NPM-DX

Model No.





Lightweight 16-nozzle head V2, Lightweight 8-nozzle head

Applicable components

0201*2 to L45 x W45 x T12mm or L100 x W40 x T12mm

Applicable PCB

Dual-lane mode 50 x 50 to 510 x 300mm
Single-lane mode 50 x 50 to 510 x 590mm

Start accepting orders

February 2016

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., a business unit of Panasonic Corporation, announced today that it will begin taking orders for its New High-Speed Modular Mounter, NPM-DX (Model No. NM-EJM8D) in February, 2016. The NPM-platform family of solutions spans Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes including component mounting and adhesive dispensing, as well as solder paste and component placement inspection on printed circuit boards.
It is flexible for a wide variety of manufacturing conditions and characteristics such as output per square meter, different production volumes, and variation in component packaging - all critical for today's SMT factory.
The new Modular NPM-DX Mounter was developed for enterprises that are highly concerned with manpower savings or less-skilled operators, due to a decline in the labor force population. In addition, the NPM-DX increases productivity and accuracy for microchip placement.
Panasonic continues to provide customers with solutions such as the NPM-DX for the SMT process and contribute to the reduction of TCO*3.


1. Improves overall performance with high-productivity, high-quality mounting to increase productivity by 10%*4 and placement accuracy to ±25 μm
2. Maximizes actual throughput (Automatic recovery, uninterrupted data correction)
3. Reduces labor needs (Remote control, Navigation)

【Media Contact】

Akio Kaneko
Corporate Planning Group
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.
TEL : 055-275-6786 FAX : 055-275-6071
Homepage URL http://www.panasonic.com/jp/company/pfsc.html

Details of features

1. Improves overall performance (High-productivity, high-quality mounting)
  • Increases productivity by 10%*4 via improved machine vigor, which enables high speed placement up to 184,800cph.
  • Achieves ±25 μm chip placement accuracy, which is required for high productivity.
  • In addition, 0201*2 chip component placement is available.
2. Maximizes actual throughput (automatic recovery, uninterrupted data correction)
  • Automatic recovery function*5 enables continuous operation when machine errors occur. In addition, the NPM-DX automatically analyzes pickup condition trends to preemptively avert errors. These functions enable stable operation and maximize actual throughput.
  • Production performance conditions can be viewed and corrected without stopping machines.
  • Changes can be integrated automatically to reduce down time from machine stoppage and promotes higher productivity.
In case of error, correct pick up pos. automatically to continue production.
3. Reduced labor needs (Remote control, Navigation)
  • Remote machine control is available for errors, which require human intervention. This eliminates time required for operators to recognize and then move to the problem location, thereby enables faster error recovery. Simultaneously reduces labor needs and increases machine productivity.
  • The NPM-DX navigates operators through changeover, parts supply during machine operation, and other processes to promote operator efficiently. This shortened operation time, reduces labor needs and increases machine productivity.

*1 cph : Components Per Hour
Number of components that can be placed per hour
*2 0201 : L0.25mm x W0.125mm size microchip
Optional specification
*3 TCO : Total cost of Ownership
Total cost to purchase, maintain and manage equipment, etc.
*4 Compared to our conventional product NPM-D3 (NM-EJM6D)
*5 There is a case that Automatic recover function does not work.
This depends on the situation and error contents.

The NPM-DX High-Speed Modular Mounter

The NPM-DX High-Speed Modular Mounter

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