Nov 09, 2016

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Panasonic's Smart Factory Solutions at the China International Industry Fair 2016

Shanghai, China - Panasonic showcased its latest smart factory solutions at the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) 2016 held in Shanghai, China, during November 2 - 5, 2016. CIIF is one of the most influential international industry brand exhibitions in China. Panasonic introduced new products and solutions for manufacturing and production management at the booth which looks like an actual factory with the theme of "Smart Factory". This year, live broadcasting online was also delivered to customers from the booth.

Smart Factory

Panasonic Smart Factory provides a one-stop solution to realize labor saving, smarter factories, automation and standardization. By connecting the various brands of machines arranged in a factory with a "PanaCIM", it allows remote monitoring and control. As you can see on this screen, the energy consumption can also be monitored in real time.

RTEX network servo motion control system

The new product "RTEX network servo motion control system", which has just been announced, has realized mobile control laser processing that assembles along the form, visual measurement, high precision online position measurement and the removal of surface static electricity.

Welding Robots

The new welding robot minimizes spark, and realizes high quality and highly efficient welding work as well as low cost welding production and management by the "welding management system iweld5".

In addition, Panasonic introduced technologies to innovate the intelligence of the manufacturing site such as with "IoT cloud remote control" that made it possible to control multiple servo motors in one terminal. There was also the "power assist suit" and "4D theater" where the visitors could experience the flexibility of motor control.

At the press conference, Yoshio Ito, Senior Managing Director of Panasonic Corporation and President of Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, commented "Our business in China is a very important market which accounts for about 20 percent of the AIS company."

Yoshimitsu Hioki, Managing Director of Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Company (China), said "We believe that we can contribute very often, particularly to the industries of 'vehicle', 'social infrastructure', 'industrial automation' which are expected to have large growth in the future by the national growth strategy."

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