Oct 19, 2016

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Panasonic's IoT Tech Transforms the Way to Enjoy Everyday Life #CEATEC 2016

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation has been developing new innovative services and businesses with its partners. By marrying its cutting-edge UI/UX, and IoT technologies with innovative ideas and creativity of various partners, Panasonic will bring to life new services and solutions.

As part of this endeavor, Panasonic took part in CEATEC JAPAN 2016, organized at Makuhari Messe from October 4 (Tues) to 7 (Fri). Through sensory, experiential demonstrations and dialogue, Panasonic surprised and delighted visitors and introduced case examples of how cutting-edge technologies may be applied to create innovative services and businesses of the near future. At CEATEC, Panasonic introduced some of its initiatives, and will continue to strengthen its efforts to promote open innovation in order to accelerate the birth of new businesses.

Exhibition Theme

With the exhibition theme, "Unique Interface/Unique Experience," and with a sensory, experiential showcase, Panasonic is proposing solutions that directly address customers' challenges.

In showcasing the "Transformation IoT brings to Lifestyles and Business," Panasonic's exhibition at CEATEC was organized into three main areas: Future Retail Experience, Better Living Tomorrow, and the Technology and Device Area.

Future Retail Experience

Future Retail Experience introduced Panasonic's latest technologies that transform the act of shopping in the future through the integration of IoT.

  • LinkRay, with light ID technology, enables the retrieval of information with a smartphone application, by utilizing LED light, such as those in retail signs or displays.
  • Window AR projection provides opportunities to dress up a showcase. Images are projected onto the glass, adding eye-catching designs and information to the display.

Better Living Tomorrow

The Better Living Tomorrow corner offered an interactive experience with Panasonic's vision for a future lifestyle in the home.

  • Transparent display that shows images only when desired, blending into a shelving unit as a sliding door when not in use.
  • Flat cooker based on a new concept built into the dining table. Food is cooked directly on the plate while on the table.
  • Sake and Wine Cellar that maintains the optimal temperature for wine and sake while also displaying recipes and information on its touch screen.

Technology and Device Area

Sixteen of Panasonic's devices, technologies, and services were exhibited in the Technology and Device Area at CEATEC.
Some technologies exhibited include:

Makeup Sheet

The makeup sheet technology uses special printing technologies to prepare an ultra-thin sheet that is applied directly to the skin. The sheet contains makeup concealer to cover freckles and spots in areas that have been identified by analysis.

  • A demonstration of using the mirror to recognize spots and blemishes on an individual's face and printing out the corresponding makeup sheet.
  • A demonstration of the application of the makeup sheet onto the wearer's face.

Camera Sharing Service PaN

PaN is a camera sharing service being developed with NTT Communications Corporation. This service allows people to take advantage of public cameras that have been installed in photo spots. With this service, photographs can be taken from difficult heights or angles and then acquired and shared via the cloud.

  • An experiential demonstration of PaN, using Trick Art. Visitors to the Panasonic booth took trick art photos and retrieved the data by using a QR code.

Human Body Communication Device

The human body communication device is a communication module that uses electric-field communication technology to connect "things-to-things, people-to-people, and people-to-things" and create a world that enables authentication and communication with natural gestures. By simplifying actions required for authentication, Panasonic will create a world that becomes connected much easier and more naturally.

  • An experiential demonstration of connecting "people-to-things." Digital devices respond according to the tag information visitors have.
  • An experiential demo of connecting "people-to-people." When a visitor shakes the booth staff's hands while holding a tag, the skirt (LED light) responds.

3D Actuator (camera stabilizer)

The 3D actuator is a device that is capable of capturing the desired image just as you see it and using that image for camera stabilizers. This brings to life a camera stabilizer that excels at avoiding blur and tracking, making it possible to capture clear, crisp photographs even when subjects are moving actively, rapidly.

  • An experiential demonstration that tracks and captures a moving ball while the camera is vibrating.

Wireless and Batteryless Switch

By combining compact power generation technology with highly reliable wireless technology, this switch can generate power when pressed and transmit information to multiple terminals. Since it does not require battery changes and wire and cable construction, it can reduce construction and realize great freedom in layout.

  • Motion Sensing Unit

    The motion sensing unit detects a robot's posture, position and movement, keeping it upright and level.

  • Listnr

    Listnr is an IoT service using Panasonic's voice recognition system to identity four emotions of your baby and sends you messages to let you know how the baby is feeling.

Design Flexible Touch Sensor (Cu-mesh touch sensor)

This electrostatic capacity touch sensor may be operated intuitively even on curved surfaces. Using proprietary copper (Cu) micro-wiring technology, Panasonic has realized a super fine, invisible wiring pattern, contributing to improving legibility of touch panels. This also makes it possible to create large-size, curved touch panels, which were difficult with conventional transparent electrodes (ITO).

Panasonic Booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2016

Dates: October 4 to 7, 2016 (10:00-17:00)
Venue: Makuhari Messe (International Exhibition Hall), 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba
Booth*: Hall 1, Society Area [1S24]
* The booth includes devices that were exhibited in a separate booth in previous years.

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