Sep 19, 2016

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Panasonic Showcases Innovative Broadcast Solutions @ IBC 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Panasonic showcased its broadcast and professional video solutions at IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2016 which was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 9 to13, 2016.

Panasonic demonstrated its Media over IP (MoIP) solution, which uses the newly-developed MoIP gateway for 4K and HD. MoIP is a technology for transmitting high-definition video over IP networks in nearly real-time, sufficient for seamless video switching.

The company also highlighted its extensive remote camera range demonstrated in a number of applications for a variety of industries. Some of the product highlights included the 4K AW-UE70 remote camera, innovative auto-tracking software, and the AW-HEA10 focus-assist camera that can be used remotely via an iPad.

The versatile studio camera line-up was expanded in 2016 with the AK-UC3000 4K live camera system and the AK-HC5000, which outputs 1080p at 240fps. These were exhibited in addition to the rest of the live camera system lineup, while Panasonic also demonstrated a P2 camera in a studio camera configuration.

  • Panasonic Live @ IBC - remote cameras systems and the AW-HE230

  • Panasonic Live @ IBC - Innovations in studio cameras from Panasonic

Further additions to its professional 4K camera lineup that Panasonic announced at NAB were on display in Europe for the first time at IBC 2016. The UX premium model (AG-UX180) is equipped with a 1-type MOS sensor, optical 20x zoom and UHD 60p recording capability, while the UX standard model (AG-UX90) features a 1-type MOS sensor, optical 15x zoom and UHD 30p recording capability.

IBC also displayed Panasonic's signature VariCam(R) cameras in a dedicated production area. This included the VariCam LT. Not only does this camera produce the famous 'Panasonic look' in multiple formats ranging from 4K to UHD, 2K and HD, with its 14+ stops of dynamic range, the VariCam LT is also HDR-ready. More details of this feature can be heard in this interview with Luc Bara, our Technical Product Manager, from NAB.

  • Panasonic Live @ IBC - Introducing the UX series

  • Panasonic Live @ IBC - VariCam LT and VariCam Pure

Panasonic also displayed the AG-DVX200 4K large-sensor camcorder at IBC as well as a variety of other products and solutions.

IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2016

Date: September 9 to13, 2016
Venue: RAI Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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    Professional 4K camera UX premium model (AG-UX180)

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    Professional 4K camera UX standard model (AG-UX90)

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    VariCam Pure

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