Jul 11, 2016

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Panasonic Unveils Japan's Brightest 8K Large-Screen Images Created by Four 4K Projectors

Rio 2016 Olympic Games public viewing event featuring NHK's 8K test broadcasting - As part of the experiential event, "Stadium of Wonders in Tokyo," held at Panasonic Center Tokyo


Tokyo, Japan - From July 23 to September 19, Panasonic Corporation will organize an experiential event - "Stadium of Wonders in Tokyo" - at the "Panasonic Center Tokyo" (located at: Ariake 3-5-1, Koto-ku, Tokyo) to help build and share the excitement of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad (Rio 2016 Olympic Games) and the XV Paralympic Summer Games (Rio 2016 Paralympic Games). Moreover, from August 6 to 22, Panasonic will make available Japan's brightest (*1) 8K large-screen display system measuring over 200 inches to the 8K super high definition public viewing event to be organized by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), which will showcase live footage from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The 8K super high definition images of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and some swimming and track and field competitions will be co-produced by NHK and Olympic Broadcasting Services and test broadcasted by NHK.

The audio-visual solution to be provided to this public viewing event is comprised of 4 extremely bright DLP(R) projectors capable of projecting 4K images. Together, these projectors will reproduce 40,000-lumen, 8K super high definition images on a gigantic, 240-inch screen. The solution also features an "8K multi-screen support system," which seamlessly pieces together 4 high resolution images and projects a large, super bright 8K image. This system controls the brightness of the overlapping area along the seams at pixel level to create a single contiguous image, and also corrects subtle variations in unique color attributes ensuring that the colors of each section are consistent, and high color reproducibility is realized. Furthermore, using speakers from the professional audio brand, "RAMSA," Panasonic will combine 22.2ch surround sound with these ultra high definition images to bring to life a truly immersive, dynamic 8K super high definition public viewing experience.

At the "Stadium of Wonders in Tokyo" to be organized at the Panasonic Center Tokyo, Panasonic will use other cutting-edge technologies to help add to the excitement of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. These will include a virtual experience that uses images of Rio de Janeiro shot with a 360-degree camera. This virtual experience enables visitors to feel as though they have been transported to Rio de Janeiro and gives them a 360-degree view of the city. There will also be a photo spot that allows visitors to take photographs with projected images of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Mascot, "Vinicius."

Panasonic is proud to support the Olympic Movement which aims to promote world peace through sports. Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for more than 25 years, ever since The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program (*2) was introduced at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988. Through its products and technologies, and under the slogan, "Sharing the Passion," Panasonic will continue to contribute to the success of the Olympic Games and to share the excitement of the Olympic Games with people all around the world.

*1 Realized the highest luminance in Japan of 40,000 lumens for the public viewing event which will showcase 8K super high definition live feed from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on a screen measuring more than 200 inches. As of July 8, 2016, according to Panasonic survey.
*2 TOP: "The Olympic Partner", the highers tier of the global sponsorship program managed by the IOC.

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    Public viewing event of Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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    Panasonic's DLP(R) projector reproducing 40,000-lumen, 8K super high definition images

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