Apr 18, 2016

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Provision of Aid to Disaster-stricken Areas and People of Kumamoto, Japan

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all the victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake, and we sincerely hope that the afflicted areas can realize a quick recovery.

The Panasonic Group will provide the following assistance in order to help provide relief to people who have suffered in this earthquake and to help recovery efforts:

(1) 10 million yen in donations.

(2) The "Panasonic Open Golf Championship 2016" will be held as scheduled from April 20 to 24, however, other events such as the Pro-Am Tournament will be cancelled. Panasonic will donate a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales and operation costs budgeted for such events, which together will amount to 10 million yen. Moreover, Panasonic will also cooperate with charity events to be organized by the Japan Golf Tour Organization as well as other activities to help support people in the afflicted areas.

(3) The company and our employees will be organizing a charitable fund drive for the people of Kumamoto.

(4) We will also provide Panasonic products that the afflicted areas need.

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