Apr 04, 2016

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Panasonic Organizes an Original Dance Contest, "Loop the Groove" Featuring eneloop

Bringing the World Together with eneloop.

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation has launched an original global dance contest, "Loop the Groove" from April 1, 2016 featuring eneloop rechargeable batteries. In FY2015, the number of countries in which eneloop is being sold surpassed 80 countries. To bring the world together, Panasonic is launching a dance contest that transcends national borders and languages.

To enter this contest, participants need to upload a video of their own "eneloop Original Dance" to SNSs and online video sharing services. Panasonic will then select 10 videos each month and edit them together to create a music video of the month. The original dance is comprised of 5 types of choreography each lasting approximately 6 seconds, which needs to be repeated twice. But participants can enter with just 1 of the 5 types of dance move if they wish. Some of the choreography represents "charging" and "looping" characteristics of the battery and helps people better understand the product in a fun way.

"eneloop" is a rechargeable battery for a "Sustainable Lifestyle" as its concept. It was born with both the benefits of rechargeable batteries, which enable you to "recharge and use repeatedly," and dry-cell batteries that you can use "immediately after purchase" and even "after being left on the shelf for a long time." Since introducing AA batteries to the Japanese market in November 14, 2005, Panasonic has expanded the line-up, improved the performance with innovative technologies, and has shipped more than 370 million batteries to date (as of January 2016). eneloop boasts a low self-discharge rate . That is why, when fully charged, it will still retain 90% of the energy after being on the shelf for 1 year and 70% of the charge (*1) even after 5 years, which is the highest (*2) in the industry. Moreover, by improving the materials used, these eco-conscious batteries may be recharged 2,100 times (*3), the highest charge-discharge cycle in the industry (*2). Panasonic's user satisfaction surveys conducted in Germany, U.S., China, Australia, India, and Indonesia have also revealed that over 90% (*4) of users are satisfied with eneloop batteries.

eneloop Dance Contest "Loop the Groove" Overview

Entry period: April 1, 2016 - February 28, 2017
Method: Upload videos onto SNSs and online video sharing services.
Language: English

*1 The remaining charge has been calculated based on the JIS C8708 2013 (7.3.2) test criteria. After full charge and being left on the shelf for 5 years at room temperature (20℃), "eneloop" and "eneloop lite" still retained 70% of their charge. Does not include "eneloop pro." Depending on the storage conditions and devices, the batteries may not be used or may only be used for a shorter length of time.
*2 Among AA 2000mAh capacity nickel-hydride batteries available in the market according to Panasonic research. As of March 2016.
*3 The lifecycle has been calculated based on the JIS C8708 2013 (7.3.2) test criteria. The actual charge-discharge cycle may differ depending on the device and conditions of use.
*4 According to an online survey Panasonic conducted with "eneloop" purchasers in August 2015. (N=400~800 people in each country).

For inquiries regarding the dance contest:
Panasonic Corporation
Automotive & Industrial Systems Company
Energy Device Business Division
E-mail: eneloopcampaign@ml.jp.panasonic.com

Media Contacts:
Panasonic Corporation
Global Communications Department
Media Promotion Office

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