Mar 09, 2016

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Panasonic Illustrates Future "Lifestyles We All Desire" by Displaying High-End Home Appliances at AWE 2016

Shanghai, China - The 15th Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE 2016) has been held from March 9-12, 2016. Home appliance manufacturers leading the industry has been gathering at the Shanghai New International World Expo Center to exhibit the latest technologies, products and solutions of the home appliance industry to consumers and the media. As a home appliance manufacturer that is both trusted and loved by Chinese households, Panasonic is displaying its full range of new home appliance products to introduce lifestyles we all desire based on the key values of "Healthy," "Relaxedly," and "Dignity."

Compared to AWE 2015, the floor space for displays, this year is expanded by 40% to a total of 100,000 square meters and consists of seven pavilions. By displaying its new products for smart living, consumer electronics, and home entertainment, Panasonic provides a total lifestyle solution filled with the technological innovations of these products. During the event, Panasonic displays the image of future "lifestyles we all desire" with the theme of "Aspire to more."

At this year's expo, Panasonic is bringing together and displaying all of its wonderful products. In the living space display, a smart environment is envisioned with the concept of "lifestyles we all desire" to provide an interactive experience like never before. Panasonic has six large booths - Better Living Tomorrow, Living/Sanitary, Kitchen, Built-in Kitchen, SPA, and Outdoor - which all together illustrate future "lifestyles we all desire."

Better Living Tomorrow

The kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom within the Better Living Tomorrow booth are presenting an image of future life with innovative premium products such as a transparent LCD display and interactive mirror capable of harmoniously blending in with the interior of any room.

By connecting appliances to the internet and linking up with sensors and a cloud service, the kitchen provides an abundant culinary lifestyle. Based on the original model of Europe's built-in kitchens, the high tech kitchen is going on display where visitors can experience new solutions that realize rich and healthy eating habits at home - almost as if a professional chef and nutritionist were right there helping.

Dining room
This dining room changes expression to match the situation, adding to the enjoyment of family gatherings.

Living room
The living room is ideal for relaxing just the way you want, whether you're alone or with the family.

The bedroom helps keep you beautiful and healthy by giving beauty advice based on each person's vital data, and supporting proper sleep.


Panasonic's latest home appliances such as health-oriented air conditioners, air purifier, and shower toilet all use nanoe technology, glass-door refrigerators, high-end washer dryers, home appliances, and high-end bathroom related products are displayed. This booth centers on products made in Japan to suggest a healthy, safe, and comfortable living environment.


In this exhibit, food specialists give hands-on cooking demonstrations. Healthy and stylish recipes are prepared here to show how easy it is to make delicious meals with Panasonic kitchen appliances. Sample tasting is also provided.

Built-in Kitchen

This premium space is based on Panasonic's kitchen concept. This year's exhibit consists of Panasonic's versatile built-in kitchen products, including IH cooking heaters, ovens, and steamers that were introduced to Europe in 2015.


CLUXTA, Panasonic's self-care aesthetics and powdering room, which opened in the Shanghai World Financial Center in June 2015, is replicated here. It allows visitors to test a variety of high-end beauty equipment and catch demonstrations by professional stylists and models using the nano-care hair dryer and nano-care hair straightener, which are also highly acclaimed by customers in China.


Panasonic's new video products, 4K compatible video cameras in the LUMIX series and other products are displayed.

Focusing on the core values of "Healthy," "Relaxedly," and "Dignity," Panasonic will build a healthy lifestyle with science and technology achieve a more relaxed lifestyle by improving the convenience of products, and offer a tasteful lifestyle by pursuing the feeling of luxury.

Especially worth noting is that several products by Panasonic have also been selected as candidates for the AWE Yipu Lan Award this time. Ranging from product design and innovation awards for best public acceptance, Panasonic look forward to finally being awarded the AWE Yipu Lan Award, which is the most prestigious award in the Chinese home appliance industry.

From the development of core devices and designs that suit Chinese households to the realization of wonderful customer experiences, home appliances by Panasonic have been loved and trusted by consumers in China for a very long period of time and have created new value due to their splendid sensitivity. Since 2015, Panasonic has hired the popular actress Gao Yuanyuan to serve as an brand ambassador Gao Yuanyuan's distinctive presence and healthy and active attitude towards life match the Panasonic brand image well. Panasonic is now aiming to continue increasing its influence on the market and will make further progress toward evens higher goals.

From March 9-12, 2016, "lifestyles we all desire" has been displayed at the Panasonic booth in Hall W3 of the Shanghai New International World Expo Center. We look forward to seeing you at this event.

Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE 2016)

Date: March 9 (Wednesday) through 12 (Saturday), 2016
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall W1 to W5, E1 to E2 (Panasonic booth: Hall W3)
Address: 2345 Longyang Rd, Pudong, Shanghai (MAP)
Website: Appliance & Electronics World Expo

About Panasonic in China

The partnership between Panasonic and China began in 1978. Covering businesses such as production and manufacturing, research and development, and sales, the scale of Panasonic's business in China has been growing daily over a course of over 30 years, and now 91 subsidiaries based within China employ more than 60,000 people.

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    Panasonic is displaying its full range of new home appliance products at AWE 2016

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    [Better Living Tomorrow] The bedroom

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    [Living/Sanitary] Panasonic's latest washer dryers and air conditioners

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    [Living/Sanitary] Shower toilet using nanoe technology

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    [Kitchen] Presenting the full line up of kitchen appliances and serving fresh juice

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    [Built-in Kitchen] Introducing the Europe's model of built-in kitchen products

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    [SPA] CLUXTA, Panasonic's self-care aesthetics and powdering room, is replicated

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