Aug 29, 2015

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Panasonic China Showcases Rapid AVC Business Development at BIRTV2015

Beijing, China - Panasonic Corporation of China unveils its latest technology and products at The 24th Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV2015). BIRTV2015, running from August 26th to 28th, provided a platform for Panasonic's "AVC Communicating and Sharing Press Conference," which was held on August 26 with the aim of promoting understanding of Panasonic AVC's (Panasonic Audio Visual Information and Communication Technology) BtoB operations as well as its industry-leading Business Solutions operations.

Since its establishment in 1987, BIRTV has spearheaded the development of China's radio, film and television technology. It is currently ranked third in the world and first in Asia for its professionalism as well as for its high-quality entertainment. BIRTV2015, with the theme of "meeting the expectations of the public," gathered 512 exhibitors from all over the world in the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, a space that covers more than 50,000 square meters.

True to its reputation as an industry leader in innovation, and with 30 years of experience in product development, Panasonic brought a breath of fresh air to the exhibition through its new products, which are posed to technologically revolutionize the broadcasting and radio market. In the Broadcasting Television System category, the company introduced products such as its new-generation 4K Studio Handy Camera, the AK-UC3000MC; the latest 4K Multi-purpose Camera, the AK-UB300MC; the 4K Integrated Camera, the AW-UE70 4K; and its new generation, all-in-one shoulder type videography device with memory card, the AJ-PX398MC.

Featuring chiefly in the line-up was the very first unveiling of Panasonic's new P2 cloud-processing product, the Stream Receiver. In the Standalone Product category, Panasonic showed off a new generation of 4K products - unveiling the all-in-one DVX200 camcorder with large-format 4/3-type imaging processor for exceptional images, integrated 13x zoom lens, and super-high resolution 4K/60p format.

Panasonic's BtoB online operation is the fastest growing in the industry, clearly differentiating itself from competitors with its products and constantly striving for solutions to promote the growth of its customers. Panasonic also contributes greatly to television products and operations.

With a short-term objective of pioneering technological revolution and promoting customer values, Panasonic looks to spearhead the Chinese Radio Television market from HD to the 4K-8K era. Panasonic Networks has devised plans to solve issues in establishing 4K, system integration, and online applications. Through new 4K products and the P2 cloud technology that is revolutionizing workflows, Panasonic is constantly striving for innovation - shifting from simply selling products to solving problems.

A clear example of Panasonic offering business solutions is the support it has provided to Siping Broadcasting Channel, for whom Panasonic developed a small HD transmitter van. While under limitations of budget and expertise, Siping had to meet the needs of its broadcast transmitter van and HD production. With these elements at play, Siping chose Panasonic, who answered Siping's needs for an 8-channel system by providing the 5-channel Panasonic AK-HC3500AMC-16bit optical transmitter camera and its AV-HS6000MC-2M/E HD multi-format system, which are to be incorporated into the broadcaster's Mercedes 524 minibus.

As of March 2015, Panasonic AVC Networks accounted for 3.4% of sales in the Chinese market - including solutions for the government, enterprises and institutions - in the sector of image systems and broadcasting representing over 50% of net sales. With a locally adapted approach to solutions, Panasonic has managed to achieve mutually beneficial collaboration in the Chinese market, and the company is aiming to double sales by 2018.

During the press club gathering, Chairman Hidetoshi Osawa of Panasonic Corporation (China), spoke of the growth trends of BtoB business and how they indicate market acknowledgement of Panasonic BtoB operations. The company has set an ambitious goal of 10 trillion yen in profit as it aims to achieve 80% of the market's BtoB business. In addition to AVC Networks , Panasonic exhibited a comprehensive range of solutions - including those for housing, environmental projects, automobiles, and electrical systems.

Speeches related to Panasonic were also given by Mr. He Zongjiu, president of the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (CSMPTE), and Mr. Du Baichuan, vice chief engineer of China's State Radio Administration.

In the BtoB press conference for automobile and broadcasting businesses, Panasonic went beyond simply sending its own message to members of the Chinese media - engaging in an exchange of ideas and opinions with these critical stakeholders. In this manner, Panasonic has established a solid foundation for communication based on the Panasonic brand in what promises to be a huge success moving forward.

Panasonic is looking to promote BtoB business across a wide range of fields in China and to proactively share new ideas with the local media. Wherever new challenges and opportunities arise, Panasonic will continue to strive for breakthroughs - leading from the front to expand the boundaries of innovation.

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    Panasonic China introduced its latest technology and products at BIRTV2015

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    The Chinese Radio Television market from HD to the 4K-8K era

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    Panasonic developed a small HD transmitter van for Siping Broadcasting Channel

  • 283px

    Mr. Hidetoshi Osawa, Chairman of Panasonic Corporation of China

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    Mr. Akihisa Ogawa, Managing Director of Panasonic Corporation of China System Communications Company

  • 07_BIRTV_2015.jpg

    Mr. Kunihiko Miyagi, Director of Panasonic Corporation AVC Networks Company

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    The press conference at BIRTV2015

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