Jun 20, 2015

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Panasonic Demos Striking AV Technology Applications at InfoComm 2015

ORLANDO, FL, U.S. June 17, 2015 - Today at InfoComm 2015, Panasonic, a leader in delivering AV technology solutions for enterprise, education, retail and SMB markets, announced the launch of a wide range of new AV technologies, including the company's first 4K+ projector. The Panasonic booth (1501) will showcase the latest professional AV technologies through engaging demonstrations, including a 4K Theater, projection mapping onto a Tesla Model S, a high-impact video wall, in addition to digital signage solutions and pro video technologies.

"Integrators and their customers rightly demand high quality AV technology that can deliver their messages beautifully to audiences ranging from customers browsing in a department store or television viewers at home," said Art Rankin, Vice President, AV Technologies, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. "Panasonic AV technology arms integrators and resellers with the best products on the market, allowing them to serve their customers with solutions that deliver those messages - whether that's through 4K technology, a simple signage solution or interactive kiosks. The breadth of technology ensures a high ROI and low TCO."

The booth will feature a retail digital signage section including interactive kiosks, large format 4K signage as well as number of affordable, bundled signage solutions. Attendees can also explore a 4K theater, laser projection technology, video wall solutions and projection mapping onto a Tesla (details below). Product highlights at InfoComm 2015 include:


  • PT-RQ13KU: With 4K+ screen resolution (5,120 X 3,200) and Quad Pixel Drive technology, the PT-RQ13KU is the most compact and lightweight* 4K+ 3-chip DLP laser projector in the world. The projector boasts an impressive 10,000 lm of brightness and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 by maximizing laser light performance, delivering extremely detailed, film-like, beyond 4K image quality. The projector's pixel is shifted both horizontally and vertically at a high frame rate of 240 Hz, physically creating four different pixels from a single pixel, effectively quadrupling the pixel density of the image and creating an extraordinary picture quality.
  • Space Player: The recently developed Space Player employs the new concept of "projection lighting," using projected visuals as lighting to create a wide variety of ambient lighting possibilities that were previously unavailable. For example, the new projection spotlight can light up an object while projecting video or product descriptions onto the surrounding space; it could also be used to capture the attention of customers onto a product through moving illuminations.

Digital Signage and Professional Displays

  • LF8P Series: The new Panasonic LF8P Series of professional LCD displays includes the company's all-new Android™ and HTML5-based Embedded Open Platform, allowing for easy porting of digital signage software to the displays and thus eliminating the need for external media players. The LFP8 Series are available in 42", 49" and 55" models, and offer high brightness with outstanding picture quality and are built for continuous 24/7 reliable operation.
  • LF8 / LF80 Series: Panasonic engineered both the LF8 and LF80 Series of professional displays to provide high picture quality and versatility for simple signage applications. Available in 42", 49", and 55" models, both series offer high reliability with continuous 24/7 operation and a "Failover and Failback" Function, which allows for immediate switching to alternative input if the primary signal is interrupted. With a narrow 6.3 mm bezel, the LF8/LF80 Series is ideal for video wall applications or as a stand-alone communication solution. The LF80 Series offers DIGITAL LINK connectivity, which enables 1080/60p video, audio, and control commands to be routed through a single CAT5e or higher cable for distances of up to 150 meters, eliminating the need for a video splitter while simplifying installation.
  • TH-55LFV70U Video Wall Display: The TH-55LFV70U display creates nearly seamless, vivid images across multiple displays making it ideal for a multitude of digital signage, public venue and command and control applications. The 55" display offers an innovative experience with an ultra-narrow (3.5mm) bezel and up to 700cd/m² brightness. The TH-55LFV70U also features a DIGITAL LINK connection and a "Failover and Failback" function.
  • LQ70 Series: Shipments began for Panasonic's durable, professional 4K display models TH-98LQ70 and TH-84LQ70 in 2014, and the new models are being well received worldwide. Now, Panasonic is pleased to announce that models TH-98LQ70L and TH-84LQ70L, with no protective glass on the front screen, have also been developed and added to the product line. The 98" TH-98LQ70/LQ70L and 84" TH-84LQ70/LQ70L 4K displays are ideal for a number of growing 4K resolution B2B applications including broadcast production, control rooms, rental and staging and eye-catching digital signage. Including the company's next generation of image enhancement technology which up-converts non-4K sources to a higher level of picture quality - transforming ordinary Full HD resolution and a variety of PC signals into breathtakingly vivid images. The displays also feature protective front glass, a reinforced frame for flexible install including tilt (up to 10 degrees with landscape setting) and support 4K content over DIGITAL LINK.

Leading Professional Video Technologies

INFOCOMM is likewise a showcase for Panasonic's recent developments in remote camera production. These include a powerful optional upgrade for the company's AW-HE40 PTZ cameras that adds production-quality HD MPEG-4 streaming, in-camera HD recording on a microSD card, and USB video/audio capabilities; the AW-HEA10, an innovative tap assist camera control system that dramatically simplifies and enhances remote control shooting with the company's next-generation pan/tilt/zoom cameras; the AW-UE70, the market's first production-quality 4K pan/tilt/zoom camera, producing a 3840x2160/29.97p, 25p signal from its HDMI out, and capable of 4K IP streaming and 4K in-camera recording; and the AK-UB300 4K multi-purpose camera, ideal for remote studio, weather and traffic reporting, image magnification and sports implementations. These advances facilitate innovative applications in corporate, government, staging, houses-of-worship and education, as well as broadcasting and sports.
*as of June 2015.

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Panasonic Sweeps Awards at InfoComm 2015

Companies compete fiercely for awards at InfoComm, which markets itself as the professional AV industry's largest trade show. It ended earlier this month in Orlando. This year Panasonic System Communications Company of North America swept the show, taking home taking home five of its top awards.

PSCNA won a Commercial Integrator BEST Award for its LQ70 Series 4K Displays; a Commercial Integrator Award for the Ron Clark Academy installation; it nabbed the rAVe Reader's Choice Awards for Favorite Projector Manufacturer and Favorite Projector for the PT-DZ21K. It also won a System Contractor News Rental & Staging Award for the PT-RZ670 projector.

(June 29, 2015)

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