Jun 21, 2015

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Panasonic Opens a Showroom for Non-residential LED Lighting, the First Showroom of Its Kind Outside Japan, in Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia - PT. Panasonic Gobel Eco Solutions Sales Indonesia opened a proposal-type showroom focused on non-residential LED lighting in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 5th, 2015. This is the first showroom of its kind outside Japan and the company will exhibit and sell non-residential LED lighting equipment such as the architectural lighting fixtures, "SmartArchi Series," for highly value-added facilities, stores, and for outdoors. Through these measures, the company aims to generate a revenue of 4 billion yen with non-residential lighting, which will contribute towards the total sales target for its lighting business in Indonesia of 10 billion yen for the FY2018, ending March 2019.

Indonesia's economy is continuing to grow at an incredible speed, and as a result, energy consumption is rapidly increasing and the demand for energy is expected to multiply even further in the future. As part of its energy policy, the Indonesian government has introduced energy-saving goals for companies and households. And as a result of last year's hike of electricity rates for industries, the public interest in highly energy efficient LEDs is rising.

Amid this environment, Panasonic newly opened a showroom called, "Panasonic Lighting Solutions Center Jakarta," which focuses on non-residential LED lighting. While the showrooms so far established in Indonesia, Vietnam, and India introduced residential lighting, this showroom will primarily propose non-residential lighting.

The showroom is located on the third floor of the Da Vinci Tower situated in central Jakarta. The 170m2 space is divided into five sections; "Store," "Office," "Home," "Outdoor," and "AV." The company is exhibiting not only its flagship product, "SmartArchi Series," but also "High CRI LED Lighting," which brings out the beauty of lit objects, and integrated LED base light "iD Series," among other products. Visitors will also be able to see footage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, "Prambanan Temple Compounds," lit by LED projectors Panasonic donated. Panasonic donated additional five LED projectors in the end of May.

In addition to residential lighting such as LED ceiling lights and pendant lights that Panasonic has been promoting in Indonesia, the company will also add 1500 items to its non-residential LED lighting line-up. The "SmartArchi Series" that the company has newly introduced utilizes "Feu," an index that Panasonic developed under the concept, "Giving freedom to architecture," to evaluate the "level of spatial brightness." The Series realizes both energy conservation and a comfortably lit environment. Moreover, the "iD Series" can change brightness by combining the fixture and light bars, making it possible to flexibly respond to changes in spatial applications. And next year, the company will also introduce "High CRI LED Lighting Series," which highlights the natural hues of lit objects with the original light spectrum control technology.

Panasonic will not only improve the energy situation in Indonesia, but also contribute to realizing a comfortable lifestyle through the supply of new energy-saving products and services created from cutting-edge LED lighting technologies nurtured in Japan.

The abovementioned products will also be exhibited at the "INDO BUILDTECH EXPO," Indonesia's largest tradeshow for the construction industry, to be held from June 3rd to 7th in Jakarta.

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"Panasonic Lighting Solutions Center Jakarta" Entrance

  • 05_LightSR_ID_2015.jpg

    Shop area

  • 06_LightSR_ID_2015.jpg

    Lighting for Shop area

  • 07_LightSR_ID_2015.jpg

    Residential area

  • 08_LightSR_ID_2015.jpg

    Office area

  • 09_LightSR_ID_2015.jpg

    Outdoor area

  • 04_LightSR_ID_2015.jpg

    Job Reference area

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