Apr 24, 2015

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Panasonic at Auto Shanghai 2015 - Creating a New Future for Automobiles with Home Electronics

Shanghai, China - From April 22 to 29, 2015, Panasonic is taking part in one of the world's largest motor shows held in Shanghai, China - the "Auto Shanghai 2015." As automobiles continue to evolve, there is increasing demand for greater comfort, safety, and eco-consciousness. At "Auto Shanghai 2015," where many global automotive companies gather, Panasonic is presenting an extensive range of technologies and solutions that will help bring to life a new generation of vehicles.

Next Generation Concept Car

Panasonic has on showcase a concept car that enhances comfort and safety with state-of-the-art technologies, devices, and know-how cultivated through our home electronics. For example, the "curved LCD display," which has been shaped to fit the dashboard, introduces useful information such as navigation routes and camera images. And the "heads-up display" will help make the driving experience more comfortable by displaying the speed at which the car is traveling and information that enhances safety.

The "e-Center Console Box" gives drivers control over the entire system at their fingertips. And the aesthetic seat equipped with "nanoe" allows drivers and passengers to enjoy simple treatments, while the rear seat "communication display" provides new entertainment that enable passengers enjoy games as though they were in their own living room or plan road trips.

Product Exhibition Corner

In the product exhibition corner, Panasonic is introducing the 360-degree view cameras system equipped with Panasonic's unique camera and sensing technologies, lithium-ion batteries that help promote new energy vehicles as well as other initiatives undertaken as part of Panasonic's automotive business.

Press Event

In addition, in order to help the development of its B2B business in China, Panasonic is also accelerating its effort to communicate with the media. During the press event organized at the exhibition on April 22 to explain why "automotive technology is Panasonic," Panasonic Managing Director and Regional Head for China and Northeast Asia, Hidetoshi Osawa, stated that, "Panasonic will continue to strengthen our B2B business in China, which our automotive business is a key part of. In April this year, we introduced the new business brand, 'Panasonic Automotive' to provide automotive solutions to customers in China that are more 'comfortable,' 'safe,' and 'eco-conscious.'" And President of Panasonic Automotive Systems China, Motoshi Hisada explained, "As vehicle electrification progresses, we will increasingly take advantage of products and technologies such as digital AV, software, and eco technologies we have cultivated through our home electronics to make an even greater contribution. We hope to become a partner car manufacturers will not be able to do without and help create a new future for automobiles."

By providing cutting-edge technologies, devices, and systems that enhance comfort, safety and reduces environmental impact, Panasonic will continue to contribute to the development of dream-inspiring cars and a rich car society. Please look forward to more from Panasonic Automotive.

  • 02_ATS2015_9524.jpg

    Panasonic booth at Auto Shanghai 2015

  • 03_ATS2015_0178.jpg

    Presentation stage with 3D projection mapping

  • 22_ATS2015_7261.jpg

    Visitor can experience a future car technologies

  • 12_ATS2015_0563.jpg

    Hidetoshi Osawa, Panasonic Managing Director and Regional Head for China and Northeast Asia

  • 15_ATS2015_0591.jpg

    Motoshi Hisada, President of Panasonic Automotive Systems China

  • 07_ATS2015_6857.jpg

    The "curved LCD display" and the "e-center console box" in a next generation concept car

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