Mar 13, 2015

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Panasonic Won the iF Universal Design Expert Favorite 2015 for Four Products

Hannover, Germany - Panasonic GUI Automatic Espresso Machine, Portable Wireless Speaker System "SC-MC20," Light from ay Battery "BF-BM10," LED Clip light "BF-AP20P." Light from any Battery "BF-BM10," LED Clip light "BF-AF20P" have been selected as iF Universal Design Expert Favorite award 2015 by Universal design expert favorite award 2015 (Organized by: iF UNIVERSAL DESIGN & SERVICE GmbH) presents products which are easier to use for more people and excellent universal design products and service.

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    Awarded products

[Points in receiving the awards]

Automatic Espresso Machine GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Panasonic has actualized the real icon and pictogram on each screen. Users no longer need to depend on the signs. It's much easier, comfortable and fun to use.

  • 02_if_favorite2015_espresso.jpg
  • When using the machine, screen which users need will automatically be displayed. Users can control the machine without any trouble.
  • Having considered and designed for color blindness users by adding different expressions on each screens, so that the users can recognize and control.
  • This product displays the CG of the actual product and visualizing effectively on the setting and maintenance screen. It's easier to understand and control the machine without any troubles.

Portable Wireless Speaker System "SC-MC20"
Users can hear the sound clearly beside their hands when it's difficult to hear the TV sound and as well as when they want to turn up the volume in late night.

  • 03_if_favorite2015_speaker.jpg
  • The setting is easily done by connecting with the transmitter with a TV. There are two options for power supply, one is chargeable battery (which last for 10 hours) ad AC adaptor.
  • Loading the "comfortable sound" system which makes users easier to listen to News and TV dramas.
  • The Large and easy button to use

"BF-BM10" Light from any Battery
Multiple LED flash light which users can use any battery size from D to AAA.

  • 04_if_favorite2015_anybattery.jpg
  • In an emergency situation, it can be switched on with any battery such as a battery even from an alarm clock.
  • Users don't need to look for a switch, just twist it with instinct and it can be switched on.
  • It's easy to use for children also, as it has a large, yet compact handle.

Also, "BF-BM10" Light from any Battery has been selected for "2014 Good Design Best 100" and receiving high reviews in Japan and overseas.

LED Clip light "BF-AF20P"
Clip type, flexible to use "LED light"

  • 05_if_favorite2015_clip.jpg
  • It's easy to recognize on the street in evening from drivers, as users can light up easily around your hand or legs.
  • It's made it possible to wear it around chest pocket or the edge of hats and also adjust the angles.
  • It also has waterproof function and it can be actively used for various occasions such as coming home from school in dark or jogging, taking a dog for a walk.

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