Feb 10, 2015

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Panasonic's Key Distributor in Hong Kong, the Shun Hing Electronic Trading, Celebrates the Grand Opening of a Home Building Equipment Showroom

Hong Kong, China - Panasonic's key distributor in Hong Kong, Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co. Ltd. (based in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong) opened a home building equipment showroom that mainly features system kitchens on December 9, 2014 in the Wan Chai District of downtown Hong Kong. Since its grand opening, the showroom has welcomed approximately 2,000 visitors, and more than 6,000 visitors since its pre-opening in October.

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    Panasonic's key distributor in Hong Kong, the Shun Hing Electronic Trading, celebrates the grand opening of a home electronics showroom.

Shun Hing Hong, the origin of SHET, established by Dr. William Mong Man-wai in 1953, is the exclusive distributor of Panasonic products in Hong Kong and Macau. These products include white goods such as rice cookers and refrigerators, audiovisual devices including TVs and video cameras, as well as massage chairs. And with respect to BtoB solutions, SHET supplies and installs Panasonic products in hotels, public buildings, and housing complexes throughout Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong is very densely populated, so many people live in high-rise buildings or condominiums. Each apartment is quite compact, averaging 40 square meters. For this reason, home building equipment with "high functionality & extremely efficient storage" have increasingly drawn attention in recent years, especially among the affluent class.
Simple yet refined designs have also become popular, and because downtown Hong Kong is a bustling tourist destination that annually attracts 50 million visitors, the showroom is serving as a communication hub for sharing the latest information with people across the world.

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This newly opened showroom is focused on "proposing a refined lifestyle best suited for Hong Kong and becoming a communication hub by providing highly functional home building equipment with extremely efficient storage." Countless visitors have enjoyed a wide range of products on display.

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Facility details

Grand opening December 9, 2014
Address Hong Kong (Kai Kwong Commercial Building, 332-334 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
Managed by Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co Ltd
Objective To showcase Panasonic's home electronics
Showroom size Approximately 150 square meters
Items on display System kitchens, interior doors/folding doors, interior building materials
(rotary closets, rotary storage spaces, and shoe closets) etc.
Open hours 10:30-19:30

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