Mar 05, 2015

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Panasonic Introduces First Low Watt Water Pump in Indonesia in Accordance with National Standardization

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Clean water is an essential part of everyday life.. However, access to clean water is often hampered in Indonesia due to the lack of decent facilities, be it having enough power supply or having pumps that can retrieve sufficient water without causing power outages. Statistics shows Indonesia has one of the lowest electrification rates (the percentage of Indonesian households connected to the nation's electricity grid) in the region at about 80.4 percent at end-2013). Understanding this, Panasonic launched for the first time a new line up of 75-watt pumps to address energy consumption restrictions.

The official launch of the new water pump was conducted in Yogyakarta, Central Java, as the area is one of the potential markets for the pump. This product uses technology to ensure precision of up to 10 microns by using CNC as well as aluminum materials technology. To give more options for Indonesian people, Panasonic provides two models: manual and automatic pumps.

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    Showing the water pump in use
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    Explaining about the need for lower energy consumption water pump

The 75-watt pumps will be a unique addition to Panasonic's water pump line up in Indonesia and serve as one of the core businesses of the market. Being a leader of the Indonesian water pump market, Panasonic realizes the huge need for water pumps that use a low amount of electricity in order to meet the needs of people with access to only 450 watts of total electricity consumption. This product marks the first low watt pump in Indonesia for household usage and will aim to provide easier access to water for Indonesia community in order to encourage the realisation of a better life and a better world for Indonesia.

About Panasonic 75-Watt Pump

The new Panasonic 75-watt pump has water suctioning capacity of around 16 liters per minutes with the total suctioning depth of up to 9 meters. The total electricity power required for both pumps are 75 watt (for motor output) and 120 watt (for input watt), which make them really suitable for households with 450 watt electricity capacity. With the size of the pump being 218 x 161 x 194mm (for GL-75JXK) and 218 x 204 x 211mm (for GL-75JAK), they are very compact in size and are durable when properly used.

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