Nov 01, 2014

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Panasonic Challenges China's Security Market with Advanced Technologies - 2014 Security China

Beijing, China - China's security market is undergoing double-digit growth every year, with particularly rapid development in IP products, prompting companies in the security industry to show increasing interest in the Chinese market. Against this backdrop, Panasonic exhibited in 2014 Security China, one of the world's largest security shows, held in Beijing, China, from October 28 to 31, 2014. Under the theme, "Why Panasonic -- offering additional value to customers with unique technologies," Panasonic introduced the latest security system technologies and products like security cameras that help support lives across China.

  • Panasonic Booth Highlights reported by Ms. Zhang Xiaodan in Panasonic System Communications Company (China)

Exhibition Highlights

Ultra 360-degree 9M Network Camera

Unveiled for the first time in China, the Ultra 360-degree 9M Network Camera makes it possible to capture a 360-degree view of spaces such as stores with a single camera. Incorporating Panasonic's optical technologies, this high-resolution camera enables surveillance with no blind spots, even in areas close to the camera. It also detects motion and dwelling times, so it can help improve store operation and marketing. By combining a Panasonic omnidirectional microphone, truly unparalleled 360-degree monitoring is achieved complete with Panasonic's unique voice and advanced image recognition. This provides a host of new surveillance system benefits to Chinese customers.

  • 08_securitychina2014.JPG
    4K omnidirectional camera
  • 06_securitychina2014.JPG
    Omnidirectional microphone in panorama camera

i-PRO Smart HD Series

This new HD Network Camera, which uses the latest system LSI platform, is equipped with superior basic functions that produce optimal images for customers, like a wider dynamic range that prevents white out and black out effects, high performance even in low illumination, and prevention of halation from automobile headlights. The previous VMD function has also been greatly advanced and given higher precision, to enable advance assistance prior to the occurrence of various phenomena, thus providing a surveillance system that is one step above conventional systems.

  • 12_securitychina2014.JPG
    i-PRO Smart HD Solutions
  • 10_securitychina2014.JPG
    Demonstration of Rain-wash Coating Technology

5th Innovative Product Awards

  • 03_securitychina2014.JPG
    Two Panasonic products won Innovative Product Awards

In order to help improve China's security-related technologies, the Chinese Safety and Crime Prevention Product Industry Association grants Innovative Product Awards to highly innovative and superior products in the security industry. This year, Panasonic's Super Dynamic Full-HD Network Camera won the Innovative Product Special Award, and the Omnidirectional Microphone in Panorama Camera was selected for the Innovative Product Excellence Award.

  • 22_securitychina2014.JPG
    Panasonic Booth at 2014 Security China

Since developing a CRT crime prevention camera in 1957, Panasonic has extended its history of developing surveillance and crime prevention systems for nearly 60 years. At 2014 Security China, the company introduced its newest technologies and solutions to the many developers and security-related companies that attended. In China's security market, Panasonic will focus on financial institutions, intelligent buildings and the transportation industry, and build close partnerships with SI companies to fuel growth.

Panasonic will continue to offer security solutions that employ innovative technologies to help make the lives of people in China safer.

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