Oct 17, 2014

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Showcasing Business-to-Business Capabilities at Panasonic Solution Forum in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia - Towards strengthening the company’s Business-to-Business (B2B) presence in Indonesia, one of its most important markets in Asia Pacific, Panasonic organized the Panasonic Solution Forum on 13 October.

The forum highlighted innovative technology and high quality products and solutions in the areas of energy management, security, retail, fast-food restaurant, manufacturing and housing.

More than 200 guests, comprised of customers, potential business partners and media, graced the Panasonic Solution Forum.

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The showcase was divided into four main sections:

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    Overview of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town in Japan

Success Story
Panasonic demonstrated key initiatives in the areas of energy management rolled out in Asia Pacific and Japan, such as the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town and the global 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project of which 1,000 solar lanterns were donated to remote areas in East Nusa Tenggara with limited access to electricity. The first soil-based indoor vegetable farm in Singapore set up to cater to demand for quality and stable food supply, and wireless solutions disaster prevention test-bed in Padang were also featured.

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    Suite of energy management technologies & solutions

Energy Solution
Integrated energy solutions which create, store, manage and save energy were exhibited. Such solutions include 5KW Lithium-ion storage battery for residential and industrial use which serve as back up in the event of a black out, and energy-efficient LED street lights which can achieve up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional ones as well as enhance street security for Indonesians. The Karimunjawa stand-alone Power Supply Container Project reflected Panasonic’s commitment to providing electricity to remote islands, whose topography makes it difficult to build large power plants and run power lines.

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    Panasonic Toughbook demonstrated its ability to withstand being immersed in water

B2B and B2G Solution
Beyond a consumer electronics brand, Panasonic also focuses on promoting its B2B and B2G portfolio. The video surveillance system equipped with facial recognition analytics platform helps businesses to beef up their security by effectively detecting individual faces and analyzing demographics such as gender and age. This information is then sent to a registered database real-time. Panasonic Toughbook was displayed together with a water resistant feature demonstration to reiterate the computer’s ability to withstand unfavorable conditions like extreme weather and unchartered terrain. The 4K Toughpad emphasized Panasonic’s latest digital imaging technology.

Home Solution
"Made in Japan" housing appliances such as refrigerators, heat pump washer and dryer, and automatic bread maker, emphasized advanced functions and product designs. The bread maker would be available in Indonesia within FY2014, aimed at encouraging more consumers to appreciate and enjoy the art of healthy baking from the comfort of their homes. Housing solutions under Panasonic’s subsidiary, PanaHome, demonstrated proprietary technologies such as heat insulation, ventilation system, effective waterproofing and swift construction methods. The company will study the needs of Indonesian residents, developers and construction industry as part of its housing development strategy.

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Given its wide range of technical capabilities, Panasonic aims to replicate successful case studies worldwide in Indonesia, a country with high market potential in terms of market size and purchasing power. In line with the brand slogan “A Better Life, A Better World”, Panasonic commits to improving standard of living through its Business-to-Customer (B2C) appliances, and enhance quality of life via B2B solutions which could help overcome energy, infrastructure, transportation, and food security issues faced by the country.

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