Oct 21, 2014

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Panasonic Provides Access of Clean Water for Indonesian Residents

Tangerang, Indonesia - In 2010, the United Nations (UN) declared access to clean water and sanitation a human right1 but yet this basic right still remains an issue for many. Halving the numbers of people without access to clean water in Indonesia by 2015 was declared a Millennium Development Goal2. To support this goal, on October 14, 2014, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia donated for a second time this year ,under its Panasonic Clean Village program, five clean water access facilities to several districts in Tangerang, Indonesia together with its locally developed GF-255HCX water pump.

  • Muara from Panasonic Gobel Indonesia introduces the initiative at the ceremony in the Tangerang district.

With a commitment to provide the best solution for the people of Indonesia in various regions, Panasonic has chosen Tangerang as a construction site of Clean Village. Located not far from Jakarta, some people on this area still rely on the river flowing to get water. The Clean Village Initiative is expected to provide a solution to allow easy access to clean water for the people in 3 Districts in Tangerang, as an aid for them to do their daily life activities as well as for developing the community's social life and the local economy.

  • 201410Waterpump-01.JPG
    Guests gather for the unveiling of the water pump
  • 201410Waterpump-02.jpg
    The water pump situated at the Nurul Iman Muslim Boarding School

The Clean Village program began in Karihkil village, Ciseeng Distric, Bogor in March 2014. Panasonic built a water tower at five public locations, such as mosques and Islamic boarding schools, as well as provided 340 energy-saving lamps for use in public areas. This initiative has proven to be beneficial for the community in fulfilling their daily needs, such as worship, washing, and cooking, especially during drought season.

About the Panasonic Water Pump

The Panasonic water pump is designed as a solution for water needs with Japanese automated-system technology, with an on/off usage test of 1 million times non-stop without reduction in performance. The motor body of stainless aluminum can absorb and release heat. Panasonic's pump motor is also equipped with a thermal protector and full insulation to maintain the resilience and security. Specifically for the well pump category, it also uses jet technology that combines suction and push system on the well water pump models, generating more powerful suction. Additionally, this pump is certified by ISO and is proven to work for 30 hours non-stop. The pump has over 25 years presence in the Indonesian market and have earned the trust and quality as a solution for the need of clean water the Indonesian community.

Panasonic Water Pump is available in Indonesia for IDR 350,000 - IDR 2,500,000 (depending on the product type), and can be found in both traditional and modern material stores, such as Material Shops, Mitra 10, and Depo Bangunan.

1. The Human Right to Water Fact and Figures
2. United Nations Development Programme: Indonesia

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