Sep 17, 2014

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Connecting Technology and People Through Panasonic's Hostel Energy Management System

Air-conditioning accounts for about 30% of the energy consumed in a typical Singaporean household, and approximately 56% of that in a hostel room here. The Panasonic Hostel Energy Management System (HoEMS) allows for convenient energy visualisation which can encourage small behavioural changes as users become more participatory in their energy management decisions. Through such energy management technologies and solutions, users are able to reap potential energy and cost savings.

  • Panasonic reporter, Linda, gives us a glimpse of BEX Asia 2014

Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia 2014, which ran from 1 to 3 September, showcased cutting-edge technology towards building sustainable and greener communities. The exhibition was the first time Panasonic HoEMS was displayed to stakeholders and the general public.

    The "Maintenance Tracking" option enables hostel management to schedule maintenance efficiently as the system automatically detects faulty air conditioners

Through HoEMS, hostel management can save time, effort and energy by facilitating collection of energy consumption data and planning of efficient energy delivery. A centralised cloud system creates a wealth of data that is easily accessible for future use. Hostel management can also set a temperature ceiling without compromising campus residents' comfort and convenience. In addition to the conventional time-based charging option, Panasonic HoEMS allows for the unique temperature-based charging system, where different prices can be charged depending on residents' room temperature setting; they pay higher when they set lower temperatures. Combining HoEMS with energy efficient Panasonic ECONAVI air conditioners, hostels can achieve additional energy saving over and above the energy saving capability of the air conditioners.

    : 4K solutions and ECONAVI home appliances were also exhibited at BEX Asia 2014
    Campus residents' can track energy usage real time through HoEMS-linked smart phone application.

Panasonic targets newly-established student hostels, worker dormitories, hotels, condominiums and other communal living facilities, as well as old hostels looking to refurbish their air conditioners and energy management capabilities. The company aims to shape up and set market standards in Singapore's energy infrastructure with its suite of energy management technologies and solutions towards a better life, a better world.

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