Jul 23, 2014

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Panasonic and eYeka Announce the Winners of a Creative Video Competition on a VIERA 4K TV

Panasonic Corporation is launching an innovative new advertising campaign for its ultra-high definition VIERA 4KTV with original videos co-created by YouTube video creators from all over the World. The best videos were chosen by WIRED magazine and Panasonic.

Panasonic Corporation organized a creative video competition for the large-screen, high-definition VIERA 4K TV with eYeka, the world's largest co-creation platform, and selected three winners.

This time, Panasonic worked with “eYeka,” the world’s largest co-creation platform headquartered in France, and called for participation by video creators in the eYeka community across 160 countries. In addition, students at Nihon Kogakuin College who study in the Broadcasting & Film Department and CG Creator Department participated in the contest from Japan.

The challenge of the contest was to create video content to maximize the enjoyment of the large-screen, high-definition VIERA 4K TV. The video content should be beautifully created by having fun using VIERA as a "canvas."
As a result, a variety of video content was sent from around the world.  After carefully screening the entries, three videos were selected that convey the enjoyment of the large-screen, high-definition VIERA 4K TV.

1. "Dance FX" by niwina (France)
This work shows the amazing dance performance, effectively using a VIERA 4K TV. The multi-roles of video creation, such as performing, directing, filming and editing, by himself is remarkably impressive.

2. "Tiger in the living room" by JulianCa (Colombia)
This video successfully depicts the impact and sensation that the large-screen, high-definition VIERA can provide using animation, which is difficult to communicate with a small screen, like that of a smartphone.

3. "BMX" by aceblvd (France)
This work shows sensational BMX action with great background music by shooting with a LUMIX GH4 from the Panasonic 4K product line, and enjoying it on a VIERA 4K TV.

"Collaborating with young talented video creators was extremely rewarding. What excited us most was their reaction in watching their creations on a big screen like the VIERA as opposed to the usual smartphone or laptop screens. We realized that TV can connect with younger generations from this perspective and we plan to deepen our engagement with young creators across the world."
-- Yuko Ttetsu, Web Communication Manager, Consumer Marketing Division at Panasonic Corporation

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