Mar 07, 2014

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Panasonic to Launch "Space Player" to Create New Possibilities for Ambient Lighting

Panasonic Corporation announced that it has developed the "Space Player(TM)", a new type of lighting equipment combining the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors to create new options and ideas in spatial lighting for the ambient lighting market. The Space Player will go on sale in Japan from July 1, 2014.

  • 01_spaceplayer_celebrate.jpg
    Example of Use of the New "Space Player"
  • 02_spaceplayer_product.jpg
    Space Player (TM)

Panasonic has been working to enhance the value of lighting design for interior and exterior spaces, making full use of its hardware technologies related to lighting fixtures, including dimming and color controls, as well as its lighting software technologies, such as "Feu" - Panasonic's unique numerical index for illumination design which quantitatively measures the spatial brightness experienced.

The newly developed Space Player realizes a new concept of "projection lighting," utilizing projected visuals for lighting to create a wide variety of ambient lighting possibilities that were previously unavailable. For example, the new projection spotlight can light up an object while projecting video or product descriptions onto the surrounding space, or capture the attention of customers on a product on display through moving illuminations.

In addition to a design which is in the shape of a spotlight, allowing it to fit in any surroundings, this Space Player adopts a wiring duct installation method, a structure where the lighting direction can be freely changed and the ability to playback from SD cards or over a Wi-Fi network. These features make the Space Player easy to install in stores and facilities. The Space Player will be available in black and white.

Panasonic will not only sell the Space Player unit, but provide total ambient lighting solutions for entire spaces by offering the Space Player in combination with its suite of other lighting products. Panasonic will also offer video content for the Space Player to meet the various needs of its customers, thereby developing the lighting business by providing everything from hardware (manufacture and sale of lighting fixtures) to software (space design proposals by using its proprietary software technologies like "Feu") to video content.

Through the creation of a new projection lighting market, the company will aim to achieve sales of 20 billion yen for its whole ambient lighting business, including the Space Player, by fiscal year 2019 ending March 31, 2019.

*Space Player is a registered trademark (under application) of the Panasonic Group.

Features of the Space Player

1. Equipped with projector function for projection lighting

  • One-touch switching between "lighting mode" and "projector mode" by remote control (comes with a remote control)
  • Can realize a wide range of ambient lighting by using video as the projected light.
  • In addition to standalone playback of pictures and videos from an SD card, capable of projecting images and video from a diverse range of sources, such as from a PC or tablet over a Wi-Fi network or using an HDMI connection
  • Can play pictures or video from an SD card, change the brightness of the light source, or switch the power on or off following a schedule
  • Utilizes a laser as the light source, realizing a lifetime of 20,000 hours (when brightness falls to 50% of the original level), reducing the burden of replacing lamps when used in facilities and stores for long periods of time

2. A design that fits well with its surroundings and a high degree of freedom in installation

  • Spotlight-shaped design that fits well with spaces, such as facilities and stores, that require the high-level design
  • Product lineup of two colors (black/white) that fit well with interior colors
  • Adoption of a wiring duct installation method to easily fix, unfix and relocate after installation
  • Adjustable structure that can deliver light in every direction downward below the horizontal line
  • Remote control-operated electric powered 2.2 x zoom and focus, enabling remote operation by hand even when installed in high locations

3. Sales of the original content for ambient lighting designs

Panasonic will offer projected content that is suitable for the spaces where the Space Player will be used or ambient lighting plans.


Brightness 1,000 lumen
Light source (lifetime) Laser diode
(maintenance-free light source for 20,000 hours: until brightness falls to 50% of the original level)
Resolution 1,039,680 pixels (equivalent to WXGA)
Power consumption (voltage) 125 W (for 100 V wiring duct only)
Focus/zoom Electric powered focus/Electric powered zoom (2.2x zoom ratio)
Lighting direction Downward below horizontal direction
Playback sources Stand alone: Playback of still pictures/videos from SD card
Wired: Playback connecting to PC or DVD player via HDMI cable
Wireless: Playback connecting to PC or tablet over Wi-Fi network

Example of Use

  • 03_spaceplayer_showwindow.jpg
    Clothing shop

Clothing shop

- Lighting up an object while projecting video images onto its surrounding space (e.g. video that conveys concept of product and video of expected usage environment)

- Can direct attention on display products by using moving illumination

  • 04_spaceplayer_restaurant.jpg
    Restaurant on a wall

Restaurant on a wall

- Lighting up dishes to look more attractive, and drinking glasses to further sparkle

- Projecting brief explanation of foods and drinks on the table or along the walls

- Projecting tablecloth patterns, beautiful texture or window frames

  • 05_spaceplayer_museum.jpg
    Art gallery and museum

Art gallery and museum

- Projecting detailed explanations of paintings and exhibits or instructions for usage of articles on display near to them, and using them as captions

- Improving the appeal to visitors by using small-scale projection mapping on exhibits and fixtures and equipment on display

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