Jan 18, 2014

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Panasonic AVC Networks Company Won the "Eco Mark Award 2013" Silver Prize

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    Panasonic AVC Networks Company Won the “Eco Mark Award 2013” Silver Prize

Panasonic AVC Networks Company won a silver prize at the “Eco Mark Award 2013” organized by the Japan Environment Association (JEA).  The AVC Networks Company has won this award 2 years in a row;  At “Eco Mark Award 2012,” the company won the “Product of the Year” award for its Blu-ray Disc Recorder, “DIGA” (DMR-BRT230 and 5 other models, *1).

The “Eco Mark Award” was established in 2010 by JEA to award companies and organizations that make proactive efforts to achieve JEA’s Eco Mark goal(*2), to “create a sustainable society by augmenting consumer awareness and helping them choose eco-conscious products, and through the efforts of companies to help improve the environment.”

While continuing to offer better products to its customers, the AVC Networks Company focuses on the following three environmental policies – “maximizing the energy-saving performance of its products,” “promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle),” and “reducing the use of chemical substances that have significant environmental impact.”

In order to make it easier for consumers to recognize that its products are eco-conscious, the AVC Networks Company has made preparations to obtain the “Eco Mark” certification.  In April 2012, 7 Blu-ray Disc Recorder “DIGA” models(*3) and in April 2013, 20 flat screen “VIERA” models(*4) became the first products of each industry to acquire the “Eco Mark” certification.

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    Eco Mark Certified Flat-screen TV, “VIERA” (Photography of TH-P65VT60)
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    Eco Mark Certified Blu-ray Disc Recorder, “DIGA” (Photography of DMR-BZT860)

The “VIERA” and “DIGA” have both achieved industry’s top energy-saving performance.  In addition, “VIERA” is equipped with the energy-saving “ECO NAVI,” which automatically controls peripheral devices connected to the TV like the “DIGA” according to the users’ viewing or usage conditions.  Moreover, to reduce the environmental impact in terms of the resources used and in shipping, the company has made efforts to make its products and packaging more compact.

Panasonic will continue to save energy and resources, recycle materials and make other efforts that help reduce its environmental impact and protect the global environment, all the while enhancing the core performance of its products.

*1 DMR-BZT830/BZT730/BWT630/BWT530/BR130
*2 More about the Eco Mark (Eco Mark website http://www.ecomark.jp/english/).
The Eco Mark is awarded to products and services that have little environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, from “production” to “disposal,” that have been deemed useful for environmental conservation. 
*3 DMR-BZT920/BZT820/BZT725/BZT720/BWT620/BWT520/BRT220
*4 VT60/GT60/FT60/DT60/E60/X6/C60/C6 series

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