Dec 13, 2013

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Versatile and Unique Products Take Centre Stage at Panasonic Nigeria Convention 2013

Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) - the regional headquarters for Panasonic in association with Panaserv Nigeria Limited, the local business partner for consumer electronics products in Nigeria - showcased Panasonic's versatile and unique consumer goods at the annual Nigeria Convention 2013. Held under the theme "A Better Life, A Better World" the event aimed to promote and showcase products specifically catering to the rising demands of the Nigerian consumers.

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    Representatives from Panasonic and Panaserv Nigeria at the Conference

Held at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, the event was attended by key business partners along with Panasonic representatives from the region and globally, led by Mr Masao Motoki, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa.

Products showcased at the convention comprised of Panasonic's B2C line-up of Audio video products like Max 700 and Max 200, specially tailor made Smart VIERA Nollywood movies App iROKOtv, new generation digital still cameras like GH3 and FZ70, high definition camcorder MDH2, new air purifier with nanoe technology, Air Conditioner with Auto Voltage Switcher and personal grooming product like the African Trimmer for the Nigerian markets.

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Speaking at the convention, Mr Masao Motoki, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa, said, "Panasonic's future in Africa is to be known as the most preferred customer centric brand. In line with this, we have developed our "Made for Africa" project, which further reiterates our commitment and is focused on increasing our footprint across the African continent by providing access to our technologically superior and advanced products. As a company, we continue to invest a lot in research and development and thrive at creation of new products aimed at consumer satisfaction."

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Whilst the press conference was attended by more than 40 media personnel's from across Nigeria, the dealer convention witnessed more than 370 attendees.

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    Visitors taking a look at the iROKOtv app on Panasonic Smart VIERA TVs

The key highlights at the convention comprised of the iROKOtv and the African Trimmer - ER-GA30/ GA33. iROKOtv is the home of Nollywood, with a catalogue of 5,000+ movies. The exclusive partnership between Panasonic and iROKOtv symbolises a new era for Nollywood movie distribution. Likewise, the ER-GA 30 & ER-GA 33 - African Trimmer, is designed for a professional, smooth and safe haircut for an Afro-native.

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    A participant performing at the Max700 competition

The high-power mini component stereo MAX700 was one of the products which attracted a lot of attention. To promote this product as an ideal machine for parties, the MAX700 dance competition was held at the convention where the 12 finalists, who were selected through a preliminary competition in four major cities, competed and the winner received an award.

Currently, Panasonic is aggressively working towards expanding its reach and enhancing customer touch points across the Middle East & Africa and this convention is a part of such efforts. Panasonic has already established representative offices across Africa, including Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, Egypt and South Africa in its effort to be close to the customers. In parallel to the representative offices, Panasonic is also planning to open signature stores like the Panasonic Plaza's across the continent. The Panasonic Plaza's are set to serve as a one-stop destination for all the consumers.

Panasonic Plaza's are already operational in Nigeria and Kenya. Panasonic has also expanded its reach in Nigeria with sales and service centers, where the customers can receive quality services backed up by genuine spare parts availability.. This are located in Lagos (4), Abuja (1), Kano (1) Port Harcourt (1) and is "coming soon " in Enugu as well.

"As a brand - Panasonic's commitment is to be 'ALWAYS FOR YOU'!" Based on the highest Technology and Quality, the company is now looking forward to bring the confidence of its customers through products that are locally-fit and backed up by strong after-sales services that the customers have come to expect from Panasonic", stated Mr Motoki.

The line-up of consumer products showcased at this convention received a great deal of attention from the participants and powerfully communicated Panasonic's strength and commitment to the region. Panasonic will build on the success of this convention as a major step in its drive to further enhance business in Africa and increase sales in the African markets with their high potential.

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