Sep 24, 2013

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Futuristic Projection Mapping of "The Magic Melody" on the Singapore Art Museum

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Held in conjunction with the annual Singapore Night Festival on 23-24 and 30-31 August this year, "The Magic Melody" by Tigrelab excited audiences as it transformed the façade of Singapore Art Museum into an interactive futuristic musical instrument.

This year, Panasonic supported the festival as the Official Projection Partner.

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    One of the 3-Chip DLPTM projectors PT-DZ21KE in Action

Colourful visuals projected were combined with fast-beat sounds to establish a dialogue between architecture and people. Audiences were able to interact directly with the visuals through smart tablets located at the museum's grounds. "The Magic Melody" by Tigrelab is the first large scale projection mapping project in Singapore, for Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific. 5 units of Panasonic 20,000 lumens 3-Chip DLPTM projectors, PT-DZ21KE, were used for projection mapping of "The Magic Melody" on the Singapore Art Museum, of which 1 was used in portrait mode. Panasonic portrait mode capability has the ability to last up to 500 hours. Through its dynamic sensor technology, PT-DZ21KE 3-Chip DLPTM Projectors are able to project high contrast visuals, required for large scale projection mapping spectacles.

The projector's compact body makes it the ideal model for the Singapore Night Festival 2013 as it is easy to set up and has a low freight cost.

The project falls under the festival's umbrella of programmes, installations and performances showcased to promote Singapore's unique blend of heritage, arts and culture.

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Contents and music for "The Magic Melody" was created by Tigrelab, in collaboration with Welovecode.

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