Jan 14, 2013

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Panasonic Inaugurates Technopark as Its First 'eco ideas' Factory in India

On the 12th of December 2012, Panasonic India launched its first model 'eco ideas' Factory in India, Technopark in Jhajjar, Haryana. This new state-of-the-art facility serves as a milestone for Panasonic to showcase its best practices in sustainable manufacturing. Spread across 76 acres, it was opened with an investment of USD 200 million (from 2010 to 2015). Alongside a wide range of eco initiatives which include the development of technologies to support a zero-carbon lifestyle and the adoption of sustainable business practices, the Panasonic Technopark aims to raise the level of eco consciousness in the community.

  • 01-201212Technopark.jpg
    Panasonic Technopark Exterior

India is considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world. With outstanding market potential, it is evident the attention the country is commanding on the world stage is growing. The inauguration of the 'eco ideas' Factory will help strengthen Panasonic's brand presence here.

  • Check out this exclusive report by Panasonic's reporter, Richa, who was on site to witness this exciting event!

Panasonic Technopark will house facilities that can manufacture an estimated 1,000,000 sets of air conditioners, 400,000 sets of washing machines and 25,000 sets of welding and cutting machines per annum. This manufacturing facility is designed with various green features, such as 28.29 KWp solar modules installation at the rooftop of the office, entrance canopy and car park to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and a 100% water recycling system for a sustainable water provision. Once the operations commence, the entire process of logistics will be more efficient and cost effective. Focusing on making India a manufacturing hub, the Technopark plans to export products from India to other markets, starting with the Middle East and Africa region.

  • 00-201212Technopark.jpg
    Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Haryana Chief Minister & Mr Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India Officiate the Event
  • 02-2012Technopark.jpg
    Cube AC

Localisation and "Indovation" form the backbone of the Technopark. True to Panasonic's commitment to be an Indian company in India, instead of just a Japanese company operating in India, products manufactured are specially conceptualized and customized for the Indian consumers keeping the local needs and conditions in mind. This will improve the design, and propel research and development of energy efficient products to suit the domestic requirements and demands of the Indian market. The Panasonic Cube AC, an epitome of product innovation, is meticulously tailored to suit the Indian climatic conditions, and space restrictions factoring the rise in apartment lifestyle. Through such initiatives, Panasonic aims to be the leading consumer electronics company and the most eco-innovative company in India.

At the ceremony, Panasonic India announced its commitment of making environment central to all business activities in line with the regional 'eco ideas' Declaration:

  • 03-2012Technopark.JPG
    Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India in the Tree Planting Ceremony

Mr. Daizo Ito, President, Panasonic India commented, "Panasonic has been known for making everyday life simpler, more convenient and energy efficient. This is achieved due to our strong focus on three core strategies: pursuing the vision of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018; integrating Indian expertise into our product design and manufacturing processes; and increasing focus on rural development to ensure that Panasonic India performs as a responsible corporate entity contributing to the equitable growth of the entire Indian society."

  • 04-2012Technopark.JPG
    (From Left to Right) Mr. Toshihide Takahashi, Divisional Managing Director, Welding Systems India, Ms. Dia Mirza, Eco Ambassador, Panasonic India, Mr. Koichiro Masai, President, Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd

Panasonic 'eco ideas' brand ambassador Dia Mirza said, "Environmental deterioration is prevalent not only in India, but also in many other parts of the world and is fast becoming an alarming trend. 'Eco ideas' philosophy has been a core focus at Panasonic and I am sure the company will play an effective role in changing mindsets and driving individuals to assume greater environmental responsibility in their communities. The inauguration of Panasonic Technopark is yet another milestone in this direction."

Six Panasonic 'eco ideas' Factories have been set up in the Asia Pacific region this far.

Panasonic will further promote environmental sustainability initiatives and its commitment to contribute to a greener society.

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