Mar 28, 2012

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Groundbreaking Ceremony Held at Panasonic Recycling Company in Hangzhou

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    Official Attendees Gather Together in the Groundbreaking Ceremony

Panasonic held the groundbreaking ceremony for its first overseas appliances recycling-business company called Panasonic Dadi Dowa Summit Recycling Hangzhou Co., Ltd. (PDSH*) on March 2, 2012. Announced to be set up in Tonglu County, Hangzhou, China last year in May, the ceremony was attended by about 100 people where they prayed for the safety during construction and for the safe completion of the site.

*The jointly-held appliances recycling-business company which was founded in November 15, 2011 by four companies: Panasonic, DADI Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., DOWA Holdings Co., Ltd., and Sumitomo Corporation.

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    Computer Generated Image of Panasonic Dadi Dowa Summit Recycling Hangzhou Co., Ltd.

Using advanced recycling technologies acquired in Japan, the company aims to succeed both in business and also in contributing to the environment in China. This project is also considered one of the major projects of the Zhejiang Tonglu Dadi Recycling Economy Industry Park, which is China's National Urban Mine Project.

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To start off the ceremony, Managing Director Katsuyuki Mikawa of PDSH (photo) showed gratitude to government officials and relevant personnel for their support. He then expressed his hopes with these words, "We will promote our resource recycling business utilizing the recycling technologies that Panasonic has acquired over the last ten years, and aim to coexist with the rich natural environment of Tonglu County and hope to contribute to a sustainable economic environment in China. In addition, PDSH plans to increase recycling capacity to process up to one million waste appliances per year in the fiscal year 2015."

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    Executive Vice-Director Mao Giving a Congratulatory Speech
  • 05-PDSHGB.jpg
    Vice Director Fang Zhi Yuan of Tonglu County People's Congress Announces the Start of the Construction

Executive Vice Director Mao Xu Hong, Zhejiang Sheng Tonglu Economic Development District Commission stated that the initiative with PDSH is a state-related project that will greatly contribute to the economic development in the area. He also said that the commission will do its best to support PDSH and expressed hopes for the development of PDSH. Lastly, Vice Director Fang Zhi Yuan of Tonglu County People's Congress declared the start of the construction, and the groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated with in Chinese tradition with firecrackers and fireworks.

Completion of this overseas recycling factory is expected on September 20, 2012 and we look forward to the progress and achievements it will make in China from thereon. Look forward to our reports then!

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