Mar 21, 2012

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Panasonic Highlights its Energy Solutions at PV EXPO 2012

Panasonic participated in the 5th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo, PV EXPO 2012, from February 29 to March 2, 2012 during World Smart Energy Week 2012, proposing solutions to "always save power" and "emergency preparedness."

    Panasonic Presents its Theme "Living on Solar Energy around the Clock"

World Smart Energy Week 2012 is one of the world largest international exhibitions with seven energy-related international exhibitions held simultaneously, and this year, exhibitors total 1,950 companies from around the world. PV EXPO, one of the seven exhibitions, gathers in one place all of the technologies, materials, and devices that are necessary for R&D and manufacture of solar batteries and photovoltaic power generation systems. A total of 750 corporations and institutions participated in the event with the number of visitors exceeding 90,000, making this year's expo the largest ever.

For a detailed report about the PV Expo and Panasonic's booth, view the highlights video on Channel Panasonic, the exclusive video channel for Panasonic.

    Model of Energy Creation and Storage Within the Home
    Model of Panasonic's Storage Battery & Mock-up Model of Lithium-ion Storage Battery System for the Home
    Model of the "Visible Energy" Through Various Panasonic Products

Panasonic was, of course, a major participant, displaying products based on its corporate theme, "Living on Solar Energy around the Clock." It proposed energy solutions based on its HIT photovoltaic modules and the residential energy creation-storage linked system it announced on February 23. In addition, wireless energy monitors, Panasonic's VIERA TVs, personal computers and smartphones also contribute to making energy visible, bringing Panasonic's concept of smart lifestyle into reality.

    Example of Metal Attachment Fittings for Different Rooftops
    Panasonic HIT Solar Panels

Other products displayed at the exhibition included a polycrystalline solar module developed for industrial/public applications and a variety of HIT solar panel installation methods that make good use of Panasonic's expertise in construction materials. Showing this fact exemplifies that Panasonic is not just a solar panel manufacturer, but also a comprehensive solutions company that can tailor to the individual needs of consumers.

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