Feb 17, 2012

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Two First Prizes Awarded for Panasonic's Environmental Activities in Japanese Environmental Ratings

Panasonic achieved the third straight No. 1 position in the overall ranking of manufacturers in the 15th Nikkei Environment Management Survey conducted by Nikkei Publishing Inc. Additionally, in the 23rd Energy Conservation Grand Prizes hosted by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) and sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Panasonic was awarded the Minister Prize of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy, and the Chairman Prize of ECCJ for four products in the products and business models categories, and for energy-saving activities of all group companies and one business unit in the energy-saving activities category. The overview of the appraisals is as follows.

Nikkei Environment Management Survey*1

Panasonic achieved the top position in the overall ranking of manufacturers for three consecutive years. We became the only company that was in the top six in all criteria among 449 respondents, receiving the top rating in three criteria: environmental management promotion system, pollution prevention measures and biodiversity conservation, and resource recycling. Also in the Image Ranking survey on companies' environment management, which was conducted in conjunction with the Environment Management Survey targeting individuals in charge of environmental affairs at respective companies, we finished in second place as was the case last year.

*1: Nikkei Environment Management Survey
In this survey, which has been conducted every year by Nikkei Publishing Inc. since 1997, companies are ranked according to their excellence in environment management based on Japanese companies' responses with survey sheets. In the 15th survey conducted in 2011, 1,744 manufacturing companies were evaluated for their: environmental management promotion system, pollution prevention measures and biodiversity conservation, resource recycling, product-related measures, and global warming prevention measures.

Energy Conservation Grand Prize *2

Panasonic won prizes for four products and two factory activities.

*2: Energy Conservation Grand Prize
The awards aim to contribute to the enhancement of energy conservation awareness, the acceleration of penetration of energy-efficient products, development of energy-efficient industries and the establishment of an energy conservation-oriented society, by widely sharing activities of business operators who promote energy conservation in companies, factories and operating sites within the Japanese industry/service/transportation sectors, as well as business operators who have developed products with excellent energy efficiency. Business operators who implement excellent energy-saving activities are awarded at a presentation ceremony.

[Energy-saving activities category]

-Minister Prize of Economy, Trade and Industry-
Group-wide energy-saving (CO2 reduction) initiatives aimed at integrating environmental contribution with business growth: Panasonic Corporation

The establishment of a Group-wide CO2 Reduction Committee with the participation of all manufacturing sites across the world has enabled Panasonic to both convey information and make decisions more quickly. The company was highly praised for the initiatives promoted by its manufacturing sites, namely making energy usage conditions visible through the use of meters and gauges, utilizing the results of such measurements effectively, and conducting energy-saving diagnoses, and for its overall environmental management policy; including the global promotion of environmental education with training activities and contests, and the development of group-wide activities incorporating non-manufacturing departments as well.

  • 06_ecoprize_headquarters.jpg
    Panasonic Corporation Headquarters in Osaka, Japan
  • 07_ecoprize_AP.jpg
    Panasonic Appliance Company

-Chairman Prize of ECCJ-
Energy-saving manufacturing for air-conditioner heat exchangers: Appliances Company

The company was praised for reducing CO2 emissions through collaboration among the respective manufacturing, R&D, and utility groups. Following reviews of its air conditioner factories (chiefly of furnace processes) and the introduction of more compact and different types of furnaces, the company was able to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing processes and reduce energy consumption in its motors.

[Products and business models category]

(The following products are for Japan market)

  • 01_ecoprize_vending.jpg
    Magic VIN Vending Machine

-Minister Prize of Economy, Trade and Industry-
Magic VIN Vending Machines N-EV1120S5 and N-1G20W: vending machines compatible with electricity peak cutting

With the adoption of a strong insulating chassis built with vacuum insulation materials, as well as a "dual-compartment heat pump system" with separate heating and cooling cycles, The company was able to achieve high energy consumption efficiency while maintaining products at the optimum temperatures all year round. It was also highly praised for having developed products to suit modern needs, for example, a peak-cutting function with adjustable settings, within a short space of time.

  • 02_ecoprize_fridge.jpg
    Eco Navi Refrigerator

-Director General Prize of ANRE-
Eco Navi Refrigerators NR-F556XV and NR-F506XV

The company achieved one of the highest levels of energy consumption efficiency in the industry through a series of modification in design, including improving insulation performance with upgraded vacuum insulation material, and adopting new torque-control inverter technology. The Eco Navi features also led to particular recognition.

-Chairman Prize of ECCJ-
LED Anti-Crime Akalumina NNY20430LE1 (and five other models) lighting fixtures

The company developed an anti-crime LED that makes roads appear bright at night by deploying the Purkinje phenomenon, by which the human eye becomes more sensitive to blue colors when it is dark. The use of LEDs also allowed electricity consumption to be significantly reduced in comparison to normal fluorescent bulbs. The company was also praised for energy-saving effects in the market, including the number of such lights installed.

  • 03_ecoprize_FL20.jpg
  • 04_ecoprize_LED.jpg

LED Anti-Crime 'Akalumina's

  • 05_ecoprize_wash.jpg
    Eco Heat Pump Engine Drum-type Washing Machines

-Chairman Prize of ECCJ-
Eco Heat Pump Engine Tilted-Drum NA-VX7100L/R and NA-VX710SL/R drum-type washing machines
The company achieved one of the highest levels of energy consumption efficiency in the industry through modifications to the air flow design for the drying process, and through the development of a compact Eco Heat Pump Engine for which the heat exchanger, compressor, and drying filter have all been integrated into a single unit. It was also praised for the improved energy-saving effects achieved through advanced Eco Navi technology.

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