Feb 13, 2012

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Panasonic Wins Two Top Gold Awards at iF Product Design Awards in Germany

Panasonic announced today it received the top iF Product Design Award, the Gold Award, for both its LED Clear Light Bulb (LDAHV4L27CG) and HD Integrated Camera (AW-HE120) at the recent iF Design Awards 2012. Panasonic also received iF Product Design Awards for a total of twelve other products from its range of digital HD TVs, digital cameras, electric toothbrushs and others.

The iF Design Awards are presented each year by the iF International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. This year the iF Design Awards 2012 was held on February 10, 2012 at the BMW Museum in Munich. There were a total of 4,322 applications from 48 counties in all award categories, and 1,218 products were selected. Among these, 100 products were recognized with the prestigious Gold Award and they received an iF gold trophy designed by Herbert H. Schultes, a prominent German designer. All award winning products will be on display at the iF Design Exhibition Hannover from March 6 to 10, 2012 at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

Panasonic's Gold Award Winners

  • 01_ifdesign2012_2.jpg
    LED Clear Light Bulb
    Model No. for markets outside Japan: LDAHV4L27CG
    Model No. for the Japanese market: LDA4L/C

[LED Clear Light Bulb]

The LED Clear Light Bulb provides sparkling light, just like a clear incandescent light bulb. Using Panasonic's proprietary light emission and diffusion technologies, this LED Clear light bulb has achieved virtually the same size, shape, light source position, light color, brightness, and light distribution as clear incandescent light bulbs commonly used worldwide. Since it is so similar to a conventional clear bulb in terms of its shape and the quality of light produced, it paves the way for seamless replacement of conventional bulbs with long-life energy-saving LED Clear Light Bulbs. Therefore, it is expected to contribute greatly to global energy-saving efforts. The LED Clear Light Bulb also received a Gold Award at the 2011 Good Design Award in Japan, and has been well received worldwide.
Link: UK Product site

  • 02_ifdesign2012.jpg
    HD Integrated Camera

[HD Integrated Camera]

The HD Integrated Camera is a Full-HD remote camera for the professional market, and can be used in broadcast studios, for teleconferencing, to film weddings, and in other applications. With a form that allows the operator and participants to quickly determine the camera orientation, it enables professionals and non-professionals to reliably capture video with ease, while the large quick-release cover offers trouble-free maintenance. A high level of design has also been realized in terms of usability and harmony with interior spaces, thanks to its neutral form and two model colors that blend in discreetly with the usage location.
Link: Pro AV Product site

Panasonic's iF Product Design Award Winners

  • 03_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Digital HD Plasma Television TH-P50VT3
  • 04_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Sound Bar Home Cinema System with Wireless Subwoofer HTB520
  • 05_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Digital Camera DMC-GF3
  • 06_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Digital Camera DMC-G3
  • 07_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Digital Camera DMC-FT3
  • 08_ifdesign2012.jpg
    LCD Projector PT-FW430/FX400/BX300
  • 09_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Memory Card Camera Recorder AG-AF105
  • 10_ifdesign2012.jpg
    LED Lantern BF-AL01
  • 11_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Face Steamer EH-SA31
  • 12_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Electric Toothbrush EW-DS12
  • 13_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Power Strip WHS2513WP series
  • 14_ifdesign2012.jpg
    Wireless Charging Solution Charge Pad series

About the iF Product Design Award

The iF Design Awards were established in 1953 to encourage and promote industrial design, and are conferred by the iF International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. The awards include the iF Product Design Award, the iF Communication Design Award, and the iF Packaging Design Award. Every year, renowned designers and corporate design directors review product candidates from all over the world, and select those with the most outstanding industrial design. It is one of the most acclaimed international awards of its kind in Europe, also regarded as the birthplace of industrial design.

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