Jan 10, 2012

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Smart Solutions at 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show

When it's the beginning of the year it always means one thing: that CES is around the corner. This year is no exception and Panasonic kicks off its year at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show from January 10-13, 2012 at the Central Hall #9405 and #9808 booths.

This year's booth concept fully exemplifies Panasonic's commitment to be the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in 2018 and features the company's comprehensive energy solutions that begin from the entire homes to entire towns, as well as its cutting edge digital AV products with main focus on the Smart VIERA TVs.

Watch Panasonic News Portal reporter Cathy give a tour of the highlights of the booth.

  • Highlights of Panasonic CES 2012

Energy Solutions

  • 01_CES2012_eco.jpg

Welcoming from the entrance on the right, Panasonic's HIT solar panels, fuel cells, household lithium-ion storage battery systems and energy management systems, the key devices and technologies for implementing Panasonic's comprehensive energy concept for energy creation, energy storage, energy saving and energy management are displayed. To show Panasonic's energy solutions strength, the Tokai Challenger II, featuring HIT solar panels and lithium storage battery, captures attention at the entrance, the champion who zoomed its way FAR ahead of competition in the World Solar Challenge 2011.

  • 15_CES2012_ecostage.jpg
    Our Vision Explanation on Eco Stage
  • 16_CES2012_fc.jpg
    Introduction of Household Fuel Cell
  • 02_CES2012_ev.jpg
    In-car Systems and Charging Infrastructure that Promote the Spread of Electric Vehicles
  • 03_CES2012_cockpit.jpg
    Next-generation Cockpit Systems that Offer a Safer, More Comfortable Driving Experience

Digital AV

  • 04_CES2012_AV.jpg

Panasonic also presents its latest digital AV products, including an upgraded 2012 Smart VIERA lineup with newly added 47- and 55-inch LCD TVs, home theaters, digital cameras and camcorders. Visitors will be welcomed at the center of the booth by the Smart VIERA Monument which symbolizes the five pillar concepts behind the connected TV series (Picture Quality, Easy Operation, Networking, Eco and Design). Advanced network functions offered by Smart VIERA, such as the enhanced VIERA Connect cloud-based internet services and connectivity with smartphone and tablet devices are demonstrated.

  • 05_CES2012_vieraeco.jpg
    Smart VIERA Lower Power Consumption
  • 09_CES2012_vieraconnect.jpg
    Experience VIERA Connect

Panasonic's signature 3D Mass Display allows visitors to experience stunning 3D videos of the Olympic Games and inside Space Shuttle Atlantis through images captured with the latest Panasonic AG-3DA1 twin-lens Full HD 3D camcorder onboard the final space shuttle mission, as well experience the stage for the honoring the 50th Anniversary of MGM's James Bond etc.

  • 17_CES2012_3Dpro.jpg
    3D Professional Camcorder will Support 3D Broadcasting of the Olympic Games in London 2012
  • 06_CES2012_3dmassd.jpg
    007 Series Blu-ray Release Announced at the 3D Mass Display Stage

In addition, a revolutionary announcement in the High Picture Quality Technology is made by Panasonic with its new prototype of the smallest, slimmest but highest definition 20-inch 4K2K IPS Alpha LCD panel boosting a pixel density of 216 pixels per inch (ppi) and thickness of only 3.5 mm.

Moreover, Panasonic has rolled out a new product design philosophy called "Future Craft" and will be first incorporated into the new series of VIERA TVs to be rolled out in the U.S. in 2012, the first product that embodies this philosophy. Details of Future Craft can be found at http://panasonic.net/design/.

  • 12_CES2012_4K2K.jpg
    20-inch 4K2K IPS Alpha LCD Panel (Prototype)
  • 13_CES2012_4K2Kpanel.jpg
    4K2K Panel's Pixel 216ppi and Thickness of 3.5 mm
  • 14_CES2012_design.jpg
    Feature Craft Design VIERA

Digital Imagery

  • 07_CES2012_imaging .jpg
    Digital Imaging Corner
  • 07_CES2012_touchtry.jpg
    Touch and Try

The Digital Imagery corner features the full line-up of Panasonic LUMIX cameras, including a brand new set of compact digital cameras as well as the popular Micro four-thirds G Series system cameras. Being able to touch, try and test out all the cameras you want in this corner, it is a photographer's delight!

Panasonic LIVE @ CES

As introduced earlier, Panasonic has also partitioned a part of its booth to bring CES online for people who couldn't come to Las Vegas to take part in the excitement and can interact through a live streaming broadcast direct from the show floor for the first two days of the show. Viewers at home can ask questions to the variety of guest experts joining the show via their social network accounts and join the conversation using the Twitter hashtag #PanasonicCES or by visiting Panasonic North America's Facebook through the live stream chat module.

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Schedule of LIVE @ CES Programming

Tuesday, January 10 Wednesday, January 11
10:15am Techpinions, Steve Wildstrom 09:15am "Popular Photography, Stan Horaczek
Popular Science, Corinne Iozzio
10:30am Panasonic North America CTO, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki 09:33am Myspace & Specific Media, Tim Vanderhook, President & CEO
Myspace & Specific Media, Chris Vanderhook, COO
Myspace & Specific Media, Marcus Liassides, EVP
11:15am Former USA Soccer Star and current NBC Soccer Analyst, Brandi Chastain
Panasonic SVP of Marketing, Betty Noonan
10:00am McClatchy News Service, Don Lindich
11:30am BodyMedia, CIO, Steve Menke
NBC, Paul Hochman
10:15am Consumer Reports, Jim Willcox
11:45am Bond Directors Panel on Home Base
John Glen, Martin Campbell, Michael Apted
10:30am PCMNA President, Shiro Kitajima Pre-Recorded Video
12:15pm VP of Alliance and Corporate Development, Merwan Mereby Interview 10:45am CNN, Mark Milian
12:45pm VP of Alliance and Corporate Development, Merwan Mereby
G4, Stephen Johnson
11:00am Tesla VP of Business Development, Diarmuid O'Connel Presentation
1:15pm ConnectedWorldMag, Mike Carrozzo and Peggy Smedley 11:30am Tesla VP of Business Development, Diarmuid O'Connell
AOL Autos/Translogic, Bradley Hasemeyer
01:30pm Bond Directors Panel on Main Stage
John Glen, Martin Campbell, Michael Apted
11:45am EVP of Digital Commerce HSN, Jill Braff
02:10pm Panasonic North America CTO, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki
Engadget, Richard Lawler
12:00pm TwiT.tv, Eileen Rivera
TwiT.tvTom Merritt
03:05pm Panasonic Enterprise Sales Company President, Jim Doyle 12:15pm Wired.com EIC, Evan Hansen
03:15pm Panasonic Senior Product Manager, Camcorders, Chris Rice
CamcorderInfo.com, Kaitlyn Chantry
12:30pm Scobleizer, Robert Scoble
03:30pm Panasonic Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Dave Briganti
Photographer (ShootSmarter), Will Crockett
Bloomberg's Bootcamp Radio, Fred Fishkin
12:45pm Wall Street Journal, Alan Murray
04:00pm Skype Director of Product Management & Biz Dev, Manrique Brenes 01:00pm Enderle Group, Rob Enderle (via Skype)
04:15pm Sound & Vision, Al Griffin
HD Guru, Gary Merson
01:15pm Forbes (Endpoint Analysis), Roger Kay
04:30pm Panasonic North America CEO, Joe Taylor 01:30pm LA Times, Jon Healey
04:45pm Videographer, Louis Schwartzberg Main Stage Presentation 01:45pm Hollywood Hi Tech, Janna Robinson
Skype in Celebrity Guest, Mario Lopez
05:20pm Videographer, Louis Schwartzberg Interview 02:10pm Battle of the Sexes
Techlicious, Suzanne Kantra & Host, Jordan Burchette
05:40pm Sports Business Journal, Eric Fisher 02:45pm Forbes, Elizabeth Woyke
Flixster, Steve Polsky
    03:00pm YouTube/Google Video, Eric Meyerson
Machinima, Beau Rya
    03:15pm Freelancer, Jamie Sorcher
    03:30pm Panasonic North America Corporate Environmental Director, David Thompson
CEA, Walter Alcorn
    03:45pm ABC, Becky Worley
    04:00pm Photographer, Will Crockett Main Stage Presentation
    04:15pm DigitalCameraReview, Allison Johnson
Panasonic North America Senior Product Marketing Manager, Imaging, Darin Pepple
    04:30pm Wired, Christina Bonnington
    04:45pm NPD, Ross Rubin
    05:00pm Panasonic North America SVP Marketing, Betty Noonan
Panasonic North America VP of Corporate Affairs, Peter Fannon

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